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You’ve seen the claims… an eyebrow product that fills in your brows and lasts for days! Is it all hype? Or does it really work? Well, I decided to give it a try and put it to the test.

WUNDERBROW is advertised to be a one-step product that allows you to easily fill, define and shape your eyebrows with natural looking color that lasts for days. Yes, I said DAYS! That’s a pretty huge claim. They advertise “semi permanent eyebrows in under 2 minutes.” The product is currently available in the following shades: Black/Brown, Brunette, Blonde, and Auburn. I really wish they offered a separate Black versus the Black/Bown combo. I saw the Brunette shade reviewed in other YouTube videos, and it seems too light for most people with dark brown hair, while the Black/Brown shade doesn’t seem dark enough for people with black brows.  There is a color chart with guidelines that you may find useful on their website, which gives examples of hair colors and recommendations. It says that Brunette can be used for “Dark Brown” hair, but I still believe it’s too light unless you want to really soften the tone of your eyebrow color.








WUNDERBROW contains Permafix Technology and a proprietary Hair Fiber Complex that makes it transfer proof, waterproof, and budge proof. It’s designed to set hairs in a fixed place after it dries.

Just a side note for those who find this important – This product is made in the USA.


WUNDERBROW instructs you to apply this to a clean, dry brow. Be careful if you’ve already applied your foundation because this product requires a clean, dry surface to adhere to your brows properly and stay in place. The applicator of this product is unique compared to other brow products. It has a brush wand similar to what you may see on lip glosses (compare to Kylie Cosmetics Lip Gloss brush). You’re supposed to apply the product in short, feathery strokes for a more natural look or you can apply all over the brow for a more defined look. After you achieve the desired shape of the brow that you’re wanting, quickly use a spoolie to brush your eyebrow hairs upwards before the product sets in place.

Before applying, I cleansed and dried my face thougherly. I didn’t apply any moisturizer or makeup at all because my focus for this review is solely the brows. I found this product just a little difficult to apply because of the applicator style. It works ok for filling in the brows, but it doesn’t work well for defining them and creating the perfect shape. After using the applicator brush that comes in the product to fill in my left eyebrow, I decided to try a different application technique for the right eyebrow to see if it would provide a more controlled and concise application. I took a stiff brow brush (one that I usually use to apply the brow pomade or powder/wax brow formulas), I put some of the product on my hand that I could dip into, and I dipped the brush into the product. I then filled in my right brow. This method helped with precision a little bit, but there wasn’t a whole lot of difference. When using the applicator with the product, I also felt it was difficult to apply with “light, feathery” strokes as instructed. It’s a liquid/gel product, and it doesn’t really allow you to apply in that manner with the applicator given. This product just won’t allow you to define the brows well, although it’s great to fill in sparse areas. I then took the spoolie brush that came with the product to brush my brow hairs upwards and into place before the product set into place.

First Impressions and Test Results

Due to the claims of how long this product would last and how it’s waterproof, I decided to put it to a real test. I performed my test on a day when I was planning to go to the pool and spend the day out in the sun. Before I went outside, I was pleased with how the product set and “froze” my eyebrows into place. I have a real issue with unruly brows. I comb them into place, and within seconds they typically are hanging every which way…. up, down, everywhere. It doesn’t matter how much brow wax I use to set it or what other types of brow gels and products I use, they instantly do their own thing and look horrible in photos. That didn’t happen with this product. It was as if they were glued into place, and they didn’t budge. 5 stars for that! I went to the pool around 12pm noon. I did apply sunscreen to my face but made every effort to avoid the brow area (it wasn’t an oil). I laid out at the pool for a few hours and swam just a little bit. To be clear, I didn’t soak my face in the water or do anything too exerting. I dunked my head under the water a couple of times. I recently saw a review where the person said she showered twice during the day, and the product never budged. I came back in the house and took a look at my brows around 5pm, just 5 hours later (I wasn’t in the water all 5 hours. I spent around 10 minutes actually in the water). My left brow was half worn off. The other half looked like it held up ok, not perfect. The right eyebrow didn’t appear to be worn off quite as much. Most of the product was still on that brow. I took my finger and rubbed across the brows to see if there was any evidence of product transfer. Nothing came off onto my fingers, which was great. I reapplied the product to the areas it wore off, and it seemed to reapply pretty well.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

I’m on the fence with this product, as far as my final recommendation goes. It has pros and cons. It doesn’t seem to hold up to all of its claims. It claims to be a semi-permanent eyebrow product that “lasts for days” and is waterproof. For a product to “last for days,” it should be able to withstand a little water exposure and time laying out at the pool. After all, people shower daily, and the product can only last for days if it’s able to withstand water exposure in the shower. This product wore off halfway after just 5 hours of my being outdoors. It also is pretty near impossible for you to truly define your brows and provide any sense of a sharp shape using this product, especially with the applicator that is provided with the product. For those of you wanting definition, I recommend first using a product such as ABH Brow Pomade or Smashbox’s brow product first around the edges. Then use the WUNDERBROW to fill in the brows and set them. Not everyone is looking for a product to “define” the brows, and if you’re someone who just needs a product that will fill in the sparse areas and set your brow hairs into place, this is a PERFECT product for you. This product really does an amazing job of “setting” your brows into place, far better than any brow gel or wax that I have ever used. For that alone, it’s worth it to me personally. I really hope the WUNDER2 company will consider redesigning the applicator. I believe this could make a huge difference in how the product applies. As I mentioned previously, it’s really impossible to apply using the light, feathery strokes that they recommend for a more “natural look.” If the brush was designed differently and wasn’t a lip gloss style brush, it would probably allow users to apply in that manner and also define the brows easier.

Lastly, I want to reiterate the color selection, or lack thereof. While many of you will find a shade that works very well for your brow color, those of you with black brows (like me) will probably think that the Black/Browj shade is still too light. Hopefully they will release a Black shade in the future. Be very careful when ordering your shade. I didn’t find their recommendation chart online highly accurate.

I will definitely be repeating this test again but skipping the pool step this time. To be fair, I want to see how it performs under normal conditions and activity, although again, it really should be able to handle around 10 minutes of water exposure since I wasn’t dunked under water more than 20 seconds. Look for an update to be posted soon with the results of my 2nd test.

Hit or Miss? This goes into the “Hit” with caution category. It really does depend on your unique brow needs, as to whether you will consider this a full hit or not. I can’t classify it as a “miss” because it has some redeeming qualities that I haven’t found with any other brow product.

Price: $22.00 direct from WUNDER2. Free shipping in the USA for orders over $10. Amazon offers a “Subscribe & Save” price of $20.90 if you sign up for a multiple-order subscription. This can be cancelled at any time. Shipping is free for Amazon Prime members. If you don’t have Prime, it would be less expensive to order it from the WUNDER2 website due to the free shipping they offer.

Where to Buy: Available directly on the WUNDER2 website. I purchased mine from Amazon for the same price and Prime shipping.














































Have YOU tried WUNDERBROW or any of the other products that Wunder2 sells? Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of it, or post your questions and feedback below!



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    This was thorough and to the point. I like that. I have unique eyebrows, I have a lot of hairs compressed to the small and long eyebrows thinner at the tail.

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