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ColourPop Metallic Lipsticks

Metallic lipsticks are all the rage right now, as I’m sure you know. Just about every cosmetic brand around who sells lip products is coming out with their version of liquid metallic lipsticks. Most of them are for people who have a higher budget, but that has changed recently with the release of the Milani Amore Metallics (a drugstore brand) and now….. ColourPop Cosmetics! I discovered the ColourPop brand just a year ago, and I immediately went crazy ordering almost everything they have to offer because they’re so affordable. In the near future, I’ll do an overall ColourPop brand review, but this one will focus solely on the metallic lipsticks. By the time ColourPop came out with their version of metallics, I was already in love with Milani’s brand and wasn’t sure if ColourPop could hold up to that standard. ColourPop released 4 metallic shades, and I purchased 3 of those to try out. Just a reminder that I purchase all products with my own money so that I can provide honest, unbiased product reviews.

ColourPop currently offers the following 4 shades of Ultra Metallics Lipsticks:

  • 3-Way – A plummy pink with gold sparkle in a Metallic finish
  • Kween – A burnt red with gold glitter in a Metallic finish
  • Man Eater – A shimmering rose gold in a Metallic finish
  • Zebra – A true bronze in a Metallic finish

It I purchased 3-Way, Kween, and Man Eater. To be honest, each of them is very different from each other, so I will give my thoughts on each shade.

Application and Test Results

The first thing I did was swatch these on my hand. I tried 3-Way first. These come in a liquid lipstick tube with a standard doefoot applicator. Sorta. Compared to other applicators (even the ones in other ColourPop lipsticks), the tips of these appeared short and shaggy. I’m guessing the shaggy applicator was needed to help grip the product inside the tube, but it made a precise and smooth application completely impossible. When I pulled the 3-Way applicator out of the tube, the first thing I noticed aside from the applicator was that the actual product was very clumpy. When I swatched it on my hand, the clumps didn’t dissipate easily. I had to rub the product onto my hand to work it out. The first swipe appeared like a smeared, transparent mess. I applied a second coat to try to build up the color, and it didn’t look too much better. I applied a 3rd coat, which is what you see in my swatch photo below. After it dried, it still looked very uneven and smeared, with sections of the swatch appearing to be somewhat transparent while the color was heavier in other areas. After 3 coats, I would expect better results from a lipstick. Most of my lipsticks only require 1 coat for full, opaque coverage. I applied it to my lips, and the result wasn’t much better. I was (and still am) very displeased with the quality of this product and shade. I should admit that I didn’t leave this on my lips longer than 5 minutes before I wiped it off. And therein lies the next problem. When you remove this shade with a makeup wipe or rag (I tried to use both), it leaves a glittery mess behind! It literally smeared chunks of glitter all over my face, and it would not come off with a makeup wipe or my microfiber rag that I often use for cleanups. It ruined my full face of makeup, and I had to wash my entire face and start over again. A lipstick should never do that. Imagine what would happen if you got a trace of it outside your lip line and had to clean it up. Well, I did that too, and there’s just no way to protect the rest of your face from the mess.

The second shade I swatched was Man Eater. The quality of this shade was much better than 3-Way.ColourPop Metallic Swatches It didn’t seem to have the same chunky, clumpy consistency. This is the only shade I tried that didn’t have chunky glitter in it. The first swipe didn’t show too much color on my hand. I had to build the color up with 2 coats for this shade. However, when I applied it on my lips, it was much better. I still had to apply 2 coats for full, opaque coverage, but the results were really pretty. I let this dry and I wore it for a few hours. The metallic lipsticks from ColourPop are not intended to dry down all the way to a full, transfer-proof matte like the Milani metallics do. However, this shade did dry down nicely without feeling dry or cracking like the ColourPop mattes do. I was actually very happy with the results from this shade overall. It gives off a very nice bronze foiled sheen without the look of tons of glitter and sparkles. Compared to the Kylie Metallics, this ColourPop shade is better because it really doesn’t transfer as much as Kylie’s do. It stayed on pretty well and still looked freshly applied after a few hours.

The last shade I tried was Kween, and this was the shade that I was looking forward to the most. The shade of this lipstick is just stunning. I don’t have anything else to compare it to in my collection of lipsticks, whereas Man Eater is a close dupe to others made by Kylie and Milani. This is described as a burnt red with a lot of gold glitter.  With one swipe on the hand, I got a good swatch with a lot of color payoff. On the lips, it’s absolutely beautiful. I did experience some issues with this formula being a little chunky, and it can take a moment to work the small chunks out. As with the shade 3-Way, Kween contains chunky gold glitter in it. It’s pretty on the lips, but removing it can turn into a mess. Again, the glitter smeared all over my face (and hands when I did the hand swatch). Keep this in mind because, again, if you make any mistakes during application and get it outside of your lip line, you will end up with glitter on your face and over your foundation. It doesn’t come off easily.  I still have glittery sparkles all over my face and hands several hours after testing these products and washing them completely off.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

I was really hoping to love the ColourPop Metallics because they’re so affordable and can fit into most people’s budget. I’ll be honest, I didn’t have incredibly high hopes for these after seeing some of the swatches done by ColourPop staff themselves on SnapChat. I still wanted to give them a chance though and keep an open mind. Unfortunately, this isn’t a product that I can highly recommend, and that kills me! The formula from shade to shade is so inconsistent, the coverage is inconsistent, and I’m not a fan of chunky glitter on my lips (especially when it can’t be easily removed without leaving a ton of glitter all over my face). The other metallic lipsticks you see by other brands deliver a beautiful foiled sheen, similar to what you would see in a foiled eyeshadow but without screaming “Look at me!!!” There’s a difference between a metallic appearance and a glittery appearance, and 2 out of the 3 shades that I tested are glitter lipsticks, not metallic lipsticks.

More important than the glitter, I expect the formula of a lipstick to be smooth and to allow a clean, precise application without making a mess. The formula and the applicator are issues that prevent a precise application. I also expect a lipstick like this to provide full opaque coverage within the first layer, 2 layers at most, and these didn’t provide that consistent, opaque coverage. 3-Way was, by far, the worst since it looked so splotchy.

I would much rather recommend the Milani Amore Metallics if you’re looking for something of great quality in this price range.


Hit or Miss?  I’m sorry, but these are a miss.

Price: $6 each.

Where to Buy: Available directly on the ColourPop website. Not sold in stores.


Have you tried the ColourPop Ultra Metallics? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I would love to hear your feedback about this review and answer any questions you may have.


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  1. July 30, 2016 / 1:16 am

    I have yet to use the metallics but I do have some of colourpop’a lippie pens and I absolutely adore them. Looking forward to trying the ultra metallic lipstick in Maneater!!!!!

  2. Vanessa
    August 9, 2016 / 2:43 pm

    I’m glad I found your blog! Finally, a true review as to my experience as well.
    I too was so excited to try more of my favs from Colour Pop but boy was this one a HUGE disappointment! I wish I could post a picture to show what a mess this turned out to be right out of the box. I was sure to catch the mailman at the curb so these babies didn’t bake in my mailbox in the heat of summer here in Houston! I ran into the bathroom and turned on my makeup mirror and WOW was I disappointed when I first opened the lipstick 🙁 It was so cakey,clumpy, the applicator wand was feathered and overloaded FULL with product all over it, as was the applicator tip, just super full, like as in WTH do I do? So I suspected I should place it back in there and try another dip into it, no I will shake it first- Yea this will solve it! UH NO ma’m by no means did this do anything. I contacted customer care because they do have a policy it says due to their very low prices (I get that, they are low) they will only accept a return if it was un-used, in it’s original box, with its receipt! Great, I thought I have all of that, but to be professional and at least give them a chance to reply on what went wrong I did. Then I rem-mailed my email after 2 days, then I sent another email…day 6 no reply.. Wait for it.. NO REPLY!! Are they not realizing that I am “just” another customer.. Another customer that see’s sites like this and will put in my BIG TEXAS two cents! I am very disappointed. I mean c’mon, a simple,
    I’m real sorry email- that’s just the way they are, would of made me a Colour “Popette” to this day. But ignoring me and my pics, and various emails is a NONO for me in general! I am a bridal makeup artist- At times my brides can’t afford to use the Mac, UD, Mercier, or other high end products on them and their parties. I improvise and make them lovely either way!
    *I did purchase 3-way and Flitter and used a Q-tip to apply and as you and your swatch and testing went- Mine was a little of the same. A huge mess! The darker one we both got “3 WAY” was a straight mess of glitter and a ruined face of high end makeup too. So sad.. You think they’d just listen to their customers and either pull it and fix it, or warn it may be as described by us both and ppl will know what to expect. I assume if I am stuck with it I may use it with a different applicator and dab ONLY, that way it can be controlled. It also did not apply nicely at all after 2-3-4 coats. It’s junky 🙁 makes me sad! So there’s my long drawn out review! On my Flitter that didn’t flutter– Well same issue all dried up and clumpy, I suppose again if I am stuck with it I’ll use a do in the center of my lip to accent it, but that’s it.
    Love to all and best of luck!
    ~Makeup After 40

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