Review | Kylie Cosmetics LipKits

Review | Kylie Cosmetics LipKits

Hi. I am an addict. The first step is admitting you have a problem, or so I’ve heard. Listen, I’m 40 years old. What in the heck am I doing fawning over a Kylie Jenner lipstick with all the other 15 and 20-something year olds? I’ll explain. A few months ago, I thought these lip kits were all hype. I was one of the many people who thought all the other girls were just “crazy” for going so wild over these things, buying them up within 5 minutes each time they were restocked on Kylie Cosmetic’s website. I was one of the many people searching for “dupe” products, thinking that other brands would be superior to Kylie’s lip kit, were even cheaper, and I could find the same exact colors without the hassle. I was so wrong!

I guess this is a perfect opportunity for me to say that I am not sponsored in any way, and I’ve never received a single free product in my life. Everything that I own, including all of my Kylie Cosmetics Lipkits, were purchased with my hard-earned money. I just want to make that very clear because none of my reviews will ever be “bought.” I will always be honest whether a product is good or bad, and I promise I’ll be honest when I encounter the bad products. This just isn’t one of them.

LipKit Basics

Currently, Kylie Cosmetics offers 8 different colors in their matte LipKit product line. They recently released a new lip gloss line, but this review will focus solely on the matte Lipkits, each of which includes the liquid lipstick and a lip liner. The 8 shades available are as follows:

  • K –  Koko K is a pale, pinky nude.
  • Dolce K – Dolce K is a medium beige nude.
  • Candy K – Candy K is a soft, warm nude.
  • Posie K – Posie K is a dusty, mauve pink.
  • Mary Jo K – Mary Jo K is a true blue red.
  • Kourt K – Kourt K is a deep purple. Newest shade released
  • True Brown K – A deep chocolate brown
  • 22 – A vibrant burnt orange


What About Dupes? 

Before I got my hands on the Kylie Lipkits, I spent money on a few of the “dupes” by various companies and in various shades. I purchased 3 brands: Colourpop, Anastasia, and Stila. I love those brands. There’s nothing wrong with them at all. However, they’re not the same as the Kylie LipKit in any way….not in color, formula, longevity, or anything. Kylie is just unique. First things first, let’s get some of the basic data out of the way, and we will come back to this topic.

The Cost

A Kylie LipKit costs $29 USD. As of the moment I’m writing this, shipping and handling inside the USA is a flat $8.95. International shipping is $14.95 USD. Please don’t ask me to convert that to other currencies. I can’t. If you live in California, you will be charged state and local taxes. I don’t know of any other states that require them to charge taxes. The general rule is that if you live in the same state it is being manufactured and shipped from, they have to charge state/local taxes. Keep that in mind. While many people complain of the cost, they forget that each kit includes a liquid lipstick AND a lip liner! You get 2 products in each kit. You really can’t beat that when comparing to other major brands like Anastasia, Stila, Smashbox, etc. Most brands you buy at Sephora and Ulta will cost $20-22 for the lipstick and $20-22 for the lip liner. So, this is a good deal. Sure, shipping isn’t cheap. However, I happen to know more than most people about the shipping industry, and we have gotten spoiled with free shipping. Larger companies can afford to take the loss and offer free shipping, but not a startup of Kylie’s size. It would be nice if she would offer a free shipping promotion with a minimum order (such as a $100 purchase) in the future, but for now…..she doesn’t. My recommendation is to order as many kits as you want in a single order. Save up and order all the kits you want in one order so you can minimize your shipping costs, or else you’ll find yourself paying a fortune in shipping every time you want one new kit. Make sense?

Let’s Talk Quality

Out of all the matte liquid lipsticks I have tried, none of them even begin to compare to this in all aspects. Most importantly, this is the only formula I’ve ever used that doesn’t make my lips feel completely dried out. Once it’s applied and dries on the lips, it just feels like my natural lips. I forget it’s there. It never dries out, never cracks, never flakes, and never peels. It’s absolutely amazing!


How long does this last? I’ve read girls post varying experiences about this, but I’ll tell you how long it lasted for me. When I prepped my lips properly, it lasted from early morning and into the evening, even thru lunch without another application or any touch-ups. No kidding! Last week, I literally applied it in the morning before work, sat in an all-day business meeting, ate snacks during the meeting, ate lunch, came home and fell asleep on the couch, woke up at 9pm, and it was STILL on my lips!! Haha I had to take makeup remover to get it off. It’s amazing stuff. Again, it never dried, flaked off, or looked gross. It was just flawless.

The Scent/Flavor

This is where my opinion differs a little from most people. Most reviews I’ve read say it smells or tastes like “vanilla.” Huh? Do these people know what vanilla smells and tastes like? It doesn’t even come close to that for me. Instead, it reminds me of this funky smell that cheap cosmetics or play sets used to have when I was a little girl growing up 30+ years ago. It’s a strange smell to me, almost plastic-y. This isn’t important for me. I’m not eating it. I’m not sniffing it and getting high. I’m wearing it. It’s not an over-powering smell or taste. It’s fine. It’s just not vanilla ice cream. haha

Tips for Prepping the Lips

Prepping the lips is very important with matte lipsticks, and I am always very careful to apply the lipstick to a proper canvas. I start out by exfoliating my lips with a sugar scrub. It probably doesn’t matter what scrub you use. I prefer to use the GlamGlow lip scrub, but most of them serve the same purpose. Don’t skip this step. Some people apply Chapstick next, but I don’t do this. Chapstick will actually make the product more difficult to dry, and it won’t last as long. The GlamGlow scrub has some emollients in it, so there’s no need for me to apply anything else. I want to make sure the lipstick doesn’t slide off. If you want to use a primer, you can try the matte lip primer by Colourpop. It’s designed just for matte liquid lipsticks like this. I’ve also seen people post that they apply other products as a base that have oil in them. This is a no-no for matte lipsticks. It changes them from matte to glossy, it breaks down the formula, it won’t last long, it will transfer, and it doesn’t dry properly.

To make my lip color last all day, I line my lips with the liner. Then I take the liner and fill in my entire lip with the liner color. I know it sounds redundant, but it honestly makes a huge difference in the longevity and the moisture level. I honestly believe this is what keeps my lips from feeling dry all day. Then I apply the liquid lipstick. This dries pretty fast after you apply it on the lips, especially compared to other brands. I found that brands such as Stila and Anastasia could take a minute or two to dry after application, even getting on my teeth afterwards. I didn’t have that issue with this product. It’s funny how a product could dry so fast on the lips but then it’s not drying on the lips. Kinda strange, but very nice.

The ColourPop Comparisons

I was one of those people who thought maybe these were the same product in different packaging BEFORE I tried it. Now I know better. Now I get so frustrated when I see posts on Instagram telling girls to just “go get Colourpop because it’s the same exact thing.” No, it’s not. Look, I’m a huge Colourpop fan! I have a ton of their products and their liquid lipsticks. It’s just not the same formula in any way whatsoever. It feels different, it wears differently, it smells differently, everything is different. Colourpop tends to be more drying on me. It flakes on me. Hey, it’s an excellent product for an unbeatable price. Can’t beat it!!! But Kylie’s LipKit is an entirely different product on another level.

The Lip Liner

The lip liner in the LipKit shouldn’t be overlooked. There’s actually some very positive things about it, as well as a negative or two.  This is one of the softest lip liners ever. It’s so smooth and creamy. It applies very nicely. Other brands tend to have hard lip liners that can be difficult to apply. I really do love this. Here’s the cons: When you sharpen it, it’s so soft that it wears down fast. Seriously, after sharpening just one time, you lose a LOT of your pencil. So you have to be very careful. The other maddening thing that grates on my nerves is the cap will not stay on the liner, especially once you sharpen it. It just doesn’t fit properly. There’s tons of complaints about this online, and I hope they fix it. I’m sick of the tops falling on the floor or flinging across the room! And last but not least…..for the love of God….. Do NOT throw your lip liner away because you don’t know that it can be sharpened. This is no joke people! Girls have actually been throwing entire pencils away after the tip wore down because they didn’t know they could be sharpened. These are plastic pencils, but you sharpen them the exact same way that you sharpen a wooden lip liner. You don’t need a special sharpener. Don’t listen to people telling you to spend $20+ on a fancy name brand sharpener. Go to the drug store and buy one from Loreal or Revlon. As long as it’s a cosmetics pencil sharpener (not a school pencil sharpener), it will work. If you must, you can get one from Urban Decay or Mac. It’s not necessary though.


As much as I love my other favorite name brands, if I could, I would use nothing but Kylie’s LipKits if she made all the colors that I needed. It’s a superior product that lasts all day and all night, it doesn’t dry out your lips, doesn’t flake off, and doesn’t peel. For the $29 price tag (plus shipping), you get 2 products in the kit. There’s no such thing as a dupe for this kit that will give you the same color, quality, and longevity. Save up. Spend the money. It’s worth it.

Hit or Miss? It’s a HIT!!!


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