Review | April Favorites | 2016

Review | April Favorites | 2016

This officially marks the first “monthly favorites” blog where I will provide a high-level review of the top 5 (or more) products that I fell in love with and used the most that month. Some of these products may look familiar to my Instagram followers, but I will try my best to keep some secret only for the blog. With that in mind, let’s begin! ❤️

1. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water – I oftentimes come home exhausted and not in the mood to hang out at the bathroom sink to scrub off a pound of makeup. I found this product purely by accident, and it’s the best accident I’ve had this year! This cleansing water will melt away every single cell of makeup on your skin, without the use of oils, alcohol, or fragrance. I don’t know exactly how it works so well, but it effortlessly wipes away even the toughest water-resistant/water-proof makeup you can wear. Almost all of my makeup products are classified as long-wearing and/or waterproof. There’s never a job too tough for this cleansing water, not that I’ve found anyway. Just take some cotton squares or cotton balls, shake the bottle of cleansing water, apply the product to the cotton, and wipe the makeup away. There’s no oil residue whatsoever. It leaves your face feeling clean and fresh. That’s all that’s needed! It works better than many makeup removers and cleansers that I’ve tried.

Price – $8.99 retail

Where to Purchase – Ulta, wherever other Garnier products are sold








2. Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick – It’s no surprise to my Instagram followers that this is on my list. I just received my first order ever of Jeffree Star lipsticks a week ago, and I instantly fell in love. Starting with the packaging, Jeffree has kept everything 100% professional and high quality. I received my order just 1 week after placing it online, one of his biggest restock and sales days ever. I purchased 2 colors: Gemini and Unicorn Blood. Both are just stunning. Comparing it to other matte lipstick brands, the quality is unmatched so far. I have numerous brands in my collection including Kylie Lipkits, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Coulour Pop, and Stila. So far, I really do love Jeffree’s the best. The bottles are filled. The wands are full and soft but come with a pointed tip for precise application. No lip liner is required with this brand! They apply smoothly and with full coverage with just one swipe.

Price – At $18 each, you can’t beat the quality.

Where to Purchase –

Jeffree star






3. GlamGlow POUTMUD™ Fizzy Lip Exfoliating Treatment – Before you apply that liquid matte lipstick, it’s important to prep your lips properly first. Sure there are some cheap homemade scrub alternatives you can make for just a few dollars, but if you’re looking for something more high-end that delivers great results, look no further than the POUTMUD™ Fizzy Lip Exfoliating Treatment. I purchased mine before Christmas when it was available in a 2 piece set at Sephora which included both the lip scrub and the POUTMUD Wet Lip Balm Treatment. The set was a great deal, but it has since been discontinued for USA customers (it’s available for Canadian customers). These two products are still available for purchase separately. Jeffree Star makes his own lip scrubs, which I have ordered, but they feel a little too dry for me. The GlamGlow scrub doesn’t feel quite as drying, and I am strange enough to like the taste and fizzy sensation. I’ll be honest and tell you that reviews of this product are very mixed on Sephora. People either love it or hate it. I love it. It’s one of my favorite GlamGlow products now. It has a somewhat fizzy, fruity, almost 7-up like taste. You apply the scrub dry to your lips, rub it around, and then wet your fingers and get your lips slightly wet in order to activate the fizz reaction. It leaves your lips very soft and not too dry. I also use the balm, but you cannot use that immediately before applying a matte lipstick. I use it at night as a lip mask and let it condition my lips overnight.

Price – $24 for .85 oz.

Where to Purchase –







4. CAILYN O!WOW Brush – I was really wanting to try the Artis Brushes, but they’re slightly out of my budget right now, averaging $70 just for 1 brush! The most popular dupe available is the CAILYN O!WOW brush, available on Amazon. It has excellent product reviews and is priced just right at around $17-18. Let me just say…this brush will change your life and revolutionize the way you apply makeup. 💄👏🏻 It significantly reduces the amount of time required to apply makeup since one brush does the job of almost your entire brush collection! It also reduces the amount of PRODUCT you need since it doesn’t sink into the dense brushes and eat 50% of your makeup like other brushes do. It applies your foundation in seconds. It blends your contour and highlighting colors beautifully, better than any other brush on the market. It takes just seconds. And you don’t have to clean it when switching between products and applying your foundation versus concealer versus contour. I’m DONE with the Beauty Blender, and that’s a huge statement to make! Usually when I use this, I dot my liquid foundation all over my face. I use a contour crayon to draw a contour line on my cheeks and other areas. Then I just swipe this brush over my face effortless to blend. I can switch back and forth between products with no contamination or issues. I use the same brush to apply my blush and highlight, as well as my concealer. It’s excellent for both liquids and powders. At this price, you can grab 2 of them if you prefer and use one for powders and one for liquids, but it’s not required. The only con is that this only comes in 1 size. It’s perfect for the things that I mentioned but you’ll need a smaller brush for your eyeshadows. That’s the advantage of the Artis Brushes. They make various sizes, including 1 brush that is multi-purpose such as this one (the number 7).

Price – Average $17

Where to Purchase – Amazon

Cailyn Brush







5. ZOYA Nail Polishes – I wrote a previous review on the Zoya Naked Manicure Set which is absolutely AMAZING for people who have broken, cracked nails and who want to wear them with a natural look. However, this shout-out goes to their colored polishes. Every year around Earth Day, Zoya offers a major sale for people willing to “donate” or otherwise dispose of their old polishes that are filled with toxins. You know those popular brands. I don’t have to mention them here. Zoya is toxic free and vegan. Their nail polishes provide a stunning, smooth, flawless application in just 1-2 coats. You can’t turn away a sale like this either. All of their colored polishes in the Zoya line are 50% off with free shipping. Pretty amazing. You’ll never look back! Trust me.

Price – $10 each regular price. With Earth Day coupon 50% off!

Where to Purchase –


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