The Magnetic Face Mask – Is it a Gimmick?

Black Luster Mask

Raise your hand if you’ve sat in awe and watched the cool demonstrations of the magnetic face masks on YouTube! Recently, magnetic face masks have become popular all over YouTube and the top beauty/fashion magazines. The question is… are these masks really just a gimmick to grab your attention, or do they actually work and produce results worth their price tag? Currently, there are 2 brands that make the most popular masks:

  • Milky Dress Black Luster Mask – $52 at Memebox
  • Dr. Brandt MAGNETIGHT Age-Defier Mask – $75 at Sephora

I decided to purchase the Milky Dress Black Luster Mask and put it to the test. Is it all hype? Or is it a great mask that is worth the price tag and attention it’s getting?  I placed my order on Memebox and anxiously awaited the delivery. There was a slight delay in the shipment. I received an email 1 week after placing my order, indicating that the item was extremely popular and would be delayed in shipment.  For the “inconvenience,” Memebox kindly issued a $5 credit to my account for me to use at a later time, which I felt was pretty amazing service. The mask arrived exactly 2 weeks after the order was placed, which really wasn’t bad.

The mask arrived nicely packaged in a black box containing the jar of the mask, the magnetic tool you remove it with, and a spatula to apply it with. The instructions state to apply a thin, even layer using the spatula. Leave it on for approximately 3- 5 minutes, and then remove with the magnetic tool. More about that part later. The instructions suggest to use the mask 1-2 times weekly, to clean skin in the morning or evening.

When I watched some of the demonstrations on YouTube of people applying the mask and having issues spreading it on their face, I thought, “Oh… they’re just exaggerating. I’ll just use my fingers and help spread it around, and it will be fine.”  Admit it! You were one of those people too who thought you could do it better than everyone else! haha Well, let me tell you…. This product does not apply easily at all! It’s very thick and made of an unusual substance. When you try to apply it, it tries to lift up in areas it was already applied to as you spread it out. If you use your fingers, it causes the product to lift right back off of your face. It’s very strange and difficult to explain. There’s nothing else that I can compare this to. There’s almost no way you can apply it in a thin, even manner all over the face. By the time I finished, I had used half the jar just to get a layer that covered my entire face without leaving any big gaps and patches.

Face Mask

I left the mask on around 10 minutes total, longer than the time recommended. The instructions say to leave it on for 3 -5 minutes, which seems like a very short amount of time for a mask. Then take the magnetic tool and cover it with saran/plastic wrap or tissue paper and remove the mask. I used Kleenex to cover the tool with. HUGE mistake! I put the tool up to my face, and the mask immediately started jumping off of my face and onto the Kleenex-covered magnet. It was honestly really cool!

You must change out the tissue or saran wrap pretty frequently because the product covers the magnetic tool pretty quickly and stops picking up additional product from your face.  This is where things went wrong.  The tissue was so thin that it tore when I tried to remove it from the magnet, leaving behind the used face mask material all over the bare magnetic tool. It was a complete mess to clean up… definitely not easy! The product is very heavy and clings to the magnet. It doesn’t wash off, so I had to take paper towels and try to tug and pull it off the applicator to get it clean again. A huge mess! I didn’t have any saran wrap, so at that point, I got a few plastic sandwich bags out and used those to cover the magnet while I continued removing the mask.

The rest of the process went more smoothly. With all of that said, never use tissue or toilet paper. Always use a thicker saran wrap or plastic of some type to cover the tool.

Magnetic Mask
This is what the used mask looks like when it attaches to the magnetic tool.

After removing the visible magnetic mask from the face, it leaves behind this soft, silky, oil-like residue that you rub into your face. It’s not an oil that transfers off onto your hands. I haven’t felt anything like this before to compare it to. It’s not greasy or heavy. It felt really nice and silky, and it took about 2 hours to dry down completely on my face.

Final Impressions and Recommendation

So let’s get back to the original question. Is this mask all hype and a gimmick or is it really worth the price tag?

Honestly, the experience of using the mask is really cool. It smells nice, and it feels great on the face after it’s applied. However, I honestly don’t believe it’s worth the price tag and the overall hype. There’s only enough product in the jar for approximately 2 or 3 uses. I used half of the jar on this one test application, which was disappointing. Contrast that to the GlamGlow masks. I usually get around 6 -7 uses out of each regular sized GlamGlow mask container at a similar price point.

I didn’t notice any significant results that really wowed me. Yes, my skin felt soft and nice immediately after removing the mask, but any mask will provide that result. After I use some of my other masks, I can tell an immediate difference in the glow of my face or other benefits that the mask immediately delivered. I just didn’t see that with this mask.

My honest opinion is that we’re seeing this mask (and the other similar magnetic masks) rise in popularity because of the gimmicky magnet. I have a lot of questions about the ingredients in this mask and exactly how healthy it could be to apply a substance to the face that is magnetic. It claims to have a lot of minerals from the Dead Sea that are moisturizing and healthy for the skin, but the jury is out on that as far as I’m concerned. I want to see a list of ingredients that are known to achieve results, and I don’t really see that with this product.

I won’t repurchase this mask, and unfortunately, I don’t recommend it UNLESS you have extra money to experiment with something unique for the sake of testing out the concept. If you’re on a budget and think this will work miracles, it won’t.

Where to Purchase

If you decide to try out this mask, it’s available on Memebox. New customers can use my link to receive 20% off your first purchase! It works on this mask too!


Have you used one of these magnetic masks? Leave a comment and let me know what your experience was!



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  1. Anonymous
    November 20, 2016 / 5:26 pm

    Ugh this magnetic mask has been all over lately, even celebrities have been using it! Loved hearing your thoughts on it. Love the giveaway your doing!

  2. Rawa Aladwan
    November 20, 2016 / 6:25 pm

    Omg I wanna try this sooo bad it’s on my wish list I would love to try this

  3. August 26, 2018 / 4:31 pm

    I have been a user of this product since it came out and I have, actually seen a difference in my skin. I am 48 years old, however I am told I do not “Look” that old consistently. Mind you, I do use a number of products for cleansing, and moisture, however I truly am a believer in this mask that leaves my face feeling soft and supple. It feels like it puts back a lot of the moisture that I have lost due to heat, perspiration, sunlight, pollution etc.

    • My Beautiful Flaws
      August 27, 2018 / 1:07 am

      If the mask is working so well for you, then definitely keep on using it. I can say that masks generally don’t make a huge long-term dent in your overall skin appearance unless you’re using them on a daily basis. They’re great for putting moisture back into the skin when you’re really dry, but overall what truly matters are the serums and other skincare products that you use 1-2 times daily. A product that is only used weekly or 2 times a week doesn’t typically make a huge difference overall since it’s not consistent. I’m 43 and am also told that I look around 10-15 years younger than my biological age. I attribute that to the rigorous skincare regimen I’ve used since I was in my teens and early 20’s… the more consistent products with proven, effective skincare ingredients that are scientifically proven to help with aging. Those key ingredients include acid products (glycolic acid, lactic acid… usually peels and toners), retinol, Absorbic acid (Vitamin C), and of course sunscreen. Thanks for the feedback and comment.

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