Forget Diamonds! Let’s Talk Moissanite!

DovEggs Custom Elongated Oval 5ct Astro Cut

Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to travel a few times with friends and family. Evidently, I’m a slow learner because every time I’ve gone on a trip (for business or pleasure), I involuntarily donate a nice piece of jewelry to a complete stranger, via loss or theft. I was devastated after a trip last March when my favorite piece of jewelry was stolen from my hotel room. It was a unique diamond ring I had for over 15 years that held very special personal meaning to me. That last incident prompted me to rethink a lot of different things about my jewelry buying habits, diamonds in general, and my poor judgment in taking and losing important pieces of jewelry on trips.

One of the things I recently decided is that I no longer want to contribute to the diamond industry. Many people make this decision for a variety of reasons. My personal reasons for choosing an alternative to diamonds are multi-fold.

  • Diamonds aren’t as rare as the diamond industry wants you to believe. The industry has been monopolized by the same company for decades, and they used a strategic marketing campaign to significantly inflate its value. Ever heard of Debeers? “A diamond is forever.” Yeah, that’s all marketing that inflated the value of a stone that really isn’t that rare or even valued in most other countries.
  • It’s important that I make choices that are environmentally-friendly. Mining isn’t sustainable long-term. Our natural resources are being depleted, and our land is being destroyed by non-essential industries.
  • Ethical Concerns: Diamond mining is a contraversial industry for a reason. Have you heard of “blood diamonds”? Approximately 25% of diamonds sold today are connected to slavery, child labor, abuse and conflict. I don’t want to wear or possess anything that contributes to this issue and causes others pain, especially something that isn’t a life necessisity.

What is Moissanite?

Several years ago, my aunt introduced me to Moissanite after she made her first purchase of a pair of Moissanite earrings. However, it’s something that I’ve only recently become completely fascinated with. Moissanite is not a “fake” diamond. It is a gemstone in its own right, made of silicon carbide. It occurs naturally, although extremely rare. Therefore, today it is mostly grown ethically in a laboratory for commercial consumption.

Custom-made Moissanite DovEggs Ring. 5ct Elongated Oval in Astro cut. Set in 10k white gold. Contains a wrap-around hidden halo and pave accents set on a half-eternity band.

Moissanite was discovered over 120 years ago by Nobel-Prize-winning French chemist, Dr. Henri Moissan. He discovered this rare silicon carbide material while on an expedition inside an Arizona meteorite crater. In the 1990s, researchers were able to develop and patent a process for creating pure silicon carbide. That process was used in the development of an array of products such as LED lighting, semiconductors, and other tools. That’s when the vision of the original creator of moissanite came to fruition by Charles & Colvard, who produced the first lab-grown moissanite.

Why the fascination with Moissanite, aside from the ethical and environmental benefits? Moissanite is more brilliant than a diamond. Brilliance refers to a stone’s ability to reflect white light. It’s the “sparkle” factor of a stone. Moissanite has a higher refractive index than diamond. Diamond has a refractive index of 2.42. Moissanite’s refractive index is 2.65.

Gemstones are measured on a hardness scale. Most people have heard that a diamond is the hardest material available, hard enough to scratch glass. Diamond ranks as a 10 on the hardness MOHS scale. Moissanite is close behind it with a 9.25. It’s a tough stone! As a matter of fact, until jewelers were able to create a more specific diamond tester to differentiate between Moissanite and Diamond, moissanite would test as a diamond on most diamond testers.

Moissanite is a fraction of the cost of a comparable diamond. Since Moissanite is now lab-grown, the technology to grow it has been perfected where only the best stones are produced and used. This means you’ll experience virtually no inclusions and the best brilliance available when compared to the finest diamonds. Moissanite is an affordable alternative for people who love the look of a diamond but who either can’t or don’t want to spend a fortune on a diamond. Make no mistake though, Moissanite should never be considered a “fake” diamond or a CZ. It is far superior to a CZ, and I personally love it so much more than diamonds.

My First Moissanite

View of the same oval ring in the nighttime,
indoor lighting next to candlelight.

On the search for jewelry that wouldn’t break the bank and to replace some of the pieces that I’ve lost throughout the past several years, I decided to research companies that specialize in Moissanite. There are a few companies out there who are most commonly known for their Moissanite sales, but their prices aren’t necessarily “affordable” to everyone. I want to invest in pieces that I won’t spend weeks crying about if they were to get lost or stolen. Sure, I may cry a little while over the loss of a beautiful item, but I won’t be crying because I lost a $5-10,000+ piece of jewelry. After literally months of researching, day after day, for hours on end, I came across a Facebook group page. It is a fan page of a company called DovEggs Seattle Jewelry. I’ve never before seen so many people come together in support of a little company I had never heard of, all to discuss their love of Moissanite and DovEggs.

I sat back and watched the posts on the Facebook private group fan page for quite a while, and then I started asking questions to learn more. I was completely fascinated. At the same time, I was nervous because of their prices. Their prices are literally a fraction of the cost of other Moissanite companies. Certainly, it must be because the quality is less or they’re lacking in customer service, right? I quickly learned that the opposite is true. DovEggs is able to sell for a lesser cost because they are the direct manufacturer. There is no middle man. There is no “jewelry store” that you’re paying as a go-between. DovEggs has a flagship location in Seattle, Washington, but they manufacture their pieces in their China location. Don’t let that scare you! Most moissanite is manufactured in China or India. Their quality is superb, and their customer service is even better. Just remarkable! I can email or message a representative through FB messenger, and I usually get a reply within a couple of hours (not even that long). I’ve never been so impressed with a company’s service before.

3ct Cushion Cut Moissanite in Hearts & Arrow cut.
Set in sterling silver. This was an in-group special offering to try out cuts and stone shapes for a significantly reduced price. Notice the stunning flashes of rainbow sparkles as the sunlight hits the stone.

I decided to take a big leap and design a custom ring for DovEggs to make. Most people think that custom jewelry is out of reach and unaffordable, but it’s definitely not with DovEggs. I found different design aspects that I loved from researching various rings on the internet, sent them photos, told them the size stone I wanted and the cut that I desired. DovEggs was able to quickly provide me with an amazingly affordable quote to create my design. When I made the decision to go for it, they created a CAD for me to review and make tweaks to. Within a few weeks, I had my beautiful new ring! It was such a smooth process, and I was highly impressed with the quality of the final product. My very first purchase was a 5ct elongated oval solitaire with a wrap-around hidden halo, set in 10k white. The band contained Moissanite pave stones on a half-eternity setting. I’m in love! I became instantly hooked on DovEggs jewelry. Be sure to check out the videos of the ring. The videos you see are completely unedited. You will notices rainbow flashes of sparkle emanating from the stone. That is a natural effect of Moissanite due to the refraction of white light. It’s absolutely stunning!

The great thing about becoming a member of the DovEggs fan Facebook group is that DovEggs representatives are actively involved in the group daily. They listen to customer feedback and almost always offer up items that we request from them. They offer amazing sales and discounts that are exclusive to members of the group. That’s how I was able to purchase my 2nd ring from Doveggs. They offered fans a “try me” custom silver sale for group members to select a solitaire, with the cut and shape of choice, set in sterling silver. The price was incredibly competitive. The sale opportunity was intended to let fans try a stone shape or cut that we may not otherwise be able to afford or try in a basic, affordable silver setting. I purchased a 3ct cushion cut moissanite stone in authentic .925 sterling silver for around $200. Just imagine! You’ll never find a flawless 3ct diamond for $200 (not even $2000). I’ve had so many compliments on that $200 ring! Everywhere I go, including a vacation I went on a few weeks ago, people would stop me in my tracks to look at my ring and ask questions. The sparkle from the ring continuously catches the eye.

So what did I do? That’s right! I just placed orders for 3 more rings (this time I am purchasing bands to go with my solitaires), a tennis bracelet, and a pendant. I’m looking forward to creating another custom ring very soon to play off of the design of my ring that was stolen earlier this year.

Try Moissannite from DovEggs Today and Save!

DovEggs already has the lowest and most competitive prices on Moissonnite on the market, but you can save even more on your first purchase when you use this link: Shop Doveggs Jewelry

DovEggs has excellent customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

They accept PayPal, ShopPay, AfterPay, and most major credit cards.

Just be mindful that if you order a ring from them that they have to create, and you choose to cancel your order after they start making it, you will be subjected to a 15% restocking fee (even if the ring hasn’t shipped). Most companies require this restocking fee if you return a ring, but DovEggs requires it once they start making the ring. It’s a lesson that I learned the hard way. Even so, I have been pleased with my purchases thus far and don’t hesitate one bit to recommend the company.

This blog review is completely unsponsored and is reflective of my personal experiences with DovEggs Seattle Jewelry. I paid 100% of the cost of all jewelry.


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