Honest Doveggs Moissanite Review: Crescent Moon Pendant

Since I discovered Doveggs Seattle and Moissanite jewelry earlier this year, I have built quite the collection of pieces from Doveggs. At last count, I have approximately sixteeen (16) different pieces in hand, consisting of rings, pendants, earrings, and even a beautiful tennis bracelet. To say that I’m obsessed is an understatement. What is it about this stone that is worthy of my obsession? There are many reasons I am so fascinated by this gemstone, but above all, the beauty, its stunning brilliance, its affordability, and the fact that it is ethically sourced are among the top reasons that I continuously return to purchase moissanite jewelry from Doveggs time after time.

I have a very large and growing collection of rings from Doveggs, but in this article I will focus specifically on my latest purchase…. a beautiful crescent moon and star pendant. This was one of my first purchases of colored moissanite. The blue representing the “star” in the pendant is a stunning shade that reminds me of the waters in the Carribean, one of my favorite places to visit. It is called “Peacock Blue.”

Crescent Moon Pendant
Crescent Moon and Star: 10K Gold 1ct Peacock Blue Nova Moissanite

If you’re wondering whether or not colored moissanite has the same brilliance as the clear stones, wonder no more. Yes, it certainly does! It has more brilliance than any other stone I have seen, even colored diamonds.

I have been in a “moon and stars” jewelry phase lately. As such, I ordered this stunning crescent moon pendant, with the blue moissanite stone representing the star. This pendant is made in 10k white gold. The stone is a 1 carat round “peakcock blue” color in the Nova cut. The nova cut has become my absolute favorite cut in the round stone. It has the most brilliance and sparkle, in my option. It has the most facets of any other stone cut offered, totaling 129 facets. This pendant is spectacular.

Doveggs quality and customer service are absolutely remarkable and superior to most companies I have ordered from. They provide an excellent warranty on all of their jewelry. They provided a limited lifetime warranty for situations like stones falling out due to normal wear and tear, optical properties of the moissanite (or lab diamonds if you order those) including brilliance and fire, and the physical integrity of the moissanite stone. They cover most things except: damanage or defects as a result or related to accidents, abuse, misuse, loss, or theft of jewelry. Their service is wonderful! They provide jewelry service right here in the U.S.A, in their Renton, Washington service center. They can resize your jewelry and provide other services such as re-plating, re-tipping, and more. And the best part? Any service required within the first 30 days is absolutely FREE!

If you are interested in beautiful pieces just like this, be sure to check out the Doveggs Moissanite Facebook group. This is a fan group, consisting of many valued existing customers of Doveggs and those interested in learning more about Doveggs moissanite. Doveggs participates in the group and often posts discounts and sales opportunities exclusively for group members. It is an amazing way to save even more money off of their already-low and competitive prices.

If you are a new customer to Doveggs, you can also earn a 13% discount on your first purchase simply by using this link to order. It will generate a discount code exclusive to you, for 1st time customers only. Now is a perfect time to try out Doveggs Moissanite, as the holiday season approaches!


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