Dear Makeup Companies – We Aren’t Your Guinea Pigs!

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Dear Makeup Companies – It’s time to have a conversation. This may come as a surprise to you, but your customers aren’t your guinea pigs and quality assurance department! When will you get your products right the FIRST time instead of releasing sub-standard products, waiting for customers to complain, and then re-releasing updated versions and relying on your customers to re-purchase those products yet again? This has been happening very frequently over the past year or so, and it’s time for us to address this issue.

One of the most popular reviews on my blog was the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette. I’m sure that comes as no surprise. Almost daily, I receive feedback from people who found my review on Google, have never heard of me before, and send me the most interesting feedback. The messages I receive spans the extreme spectrums between complete agrerement of my opinion and outright nasty, hostile accusations that are completely false. It’s amazing to see how many anonymous keyboard warriors are out there who believe they’re on Jaclyn’s payroll and feel the need to defend her at all costs, whether her products are good or bad.  But let’s get back to the topic at hand.

There are too many cosmetic companies that are guilty of releasing substandard products and then re-releasing them again later after receiving a significant amount of negative customer feedback. Morphe isn’t the only one that has been guilty of this.  We’ve seen it from the likes of Anastasia Beverly Hills (remember the Subculture Palette and the Prism Palette), Huda Beauty, Becca, and many other popular companies. It’s time for this to stop. Customers spend their hard-earned money on highly-anticipated and advertised products, only to receive products that don’t perform well. Then we are expected to pay for those products yet again months later when they decide to “reformulate” and “make it better” to finally get it “right.”  They call it “listening to our customers.”  Sound familiar?  What happened to quality control, otherwise known as quality assurance departments? Who is testing these products inside of these cosmetic companies? Certainly more than one person is making the decision that it’s “OK” to release it for public consumption, right?

I want to address the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette specifically for a moment since that’s the review Palettesthat I’ve received the most critical feedback about. My review was written over a year ago when the product was initially released, yet people still write me horrible comments and messages as if the review was written today and applies to the most recent, updated version that is sold in Ulta after it was updated and improved. It’s time to get real, and I’m going to do just that! I received some horrible messages from a certain reader (anonymous of course) who accused me of “faking swatches” on my review.  Let me address that accusation very loud and clear!  I have never in my entire life FAKED a swatch for any reason. What motive would I have to do such a thing? NONE!  I am completely non-sponsored. I don’t receive PR from any company at this time except Adept Cosmetics, which sells magnetic makeup palettes. It is my preference to remain non-sponsored so that I can remain 100% unbiased when I provide product reviews. If you believe that people who receive thousands and millions of dollars in free products each year don’t fib just a little bit (or more) in their reviews, you’re highly mistaken. Sure some are honest or more honest than others, but many are not honest at all because they have a vested interest in staying on PR lists and obtaining sponsorships. If they give negative reviews for certain products or companies, some companies are well-known to remove them from PR lists, and their overall income suffers as a result. Many influencers don’t review any products at all unless they are paid to do so (i.e., think about your most favorite popular influencers with millions of viewers…. they don’t provide reviews for free).  This is an entirely different topic altogether though that is worthy of its own article, so I’ll move on to my original point.

I pay my own PERSONAL money that I earn from my day job for every single product that I purchase and review. I also pay thousands of dollars in expenses to maintain this blog, for which I receive no money, no sponsorships…. nothing!  I make that personal investment because I am a customer myself, and I want to provide a forum in which people can trust and rely on 100% for the TRUTH!   I  also understand that some people aren’t as fortunate as I am, and many people have to save up their money for several weeks or months just to afford a single makeup product, eyeshadow palette, or other product that they’ve seen heavily advertised from their favorite company or influencer. Trust me… Cosmetic companies know exactly what they’re doing by targeting specific audiences that include teenagers and people in their younger 20’s, who are often high school or college age and who don’t have a lot of money to fork out for tons of products. So when I review a product, it’s very important for me to be 100% honest according to my own personal experience. I’m never fake. I have no motivation to to be fake, fake swatches, or fake reviews.Jaclyn Hill Palette

When I purchased the Jaclyn Hill Palette, I purchased it when it was first released. The same person who accused me of “faking swatches” also said that I was “stupid” for purchasing the palette immediately after it was released. After all, “everyone knows not to purchase the first run of a product and to wait until much later when all the issues have been fixed.”  WHAT? Are you kidding me? Is this really the standard that we’ve come to expect from the cosmetics industry and the philosophy that customers are expected to follow?  If so, then SOMETHING IS EXTREMELY WRONG!!! Customers should be able to receive a quality product whether it’s the first product run released, the second run, or the last run of products that are made.  We should NEVER EVER be expected to wait until customers pay for the first run, “test” the products out after paying our hard-earned money, and then re-purchase it again months later (if it even exists then, pending the whole “limited edition” issue) after everything is perfected. That is, by far, the most ridiculous comment and expectation I’ve ever heard.

I was then told that my review wasn’t accurate because it was written last year after the product was initially launched, my review wasn’t fair, and I should re-purchase the product and issue a new review. Are you serious? Well, here’s the deal….. unless YOU as my reader are willing to pay for the product and send it to me for free, then there isn’t a single influencer or blogger who should ever be expected to re-purchase multiple runs of products and write multiple reviews over a period of months and years, just to see if that product was improved over time.  It absolutely astounds me to see how some people think and what their expectations are of reviewers.  I pay for products with my own money, not yours, and they’re not given to me for free. I literally spend thousands of dollars on products each year, which most people don’t have. I make a lot of sacrifices in my personal life to do this and to keep this blog up and running. I don’t make money from this blog…. not at all. I am non-sponsored, remember? I don’t get paid for anything. I don’t advertise and don’t accept advertising money…. again so I can stay completely unbiased and honest. So, I really don’t appreciate it when a reader DEMANDS that I re-purchase a product a year later and provide a new review because they feel my original review is now inaccurate, just because a company received such horrible feedback that they were forced to re-formulate the product and re-release an improved version. But I’ll reiterate again, if any of my readers want to pay for a product and send it to me, sure…. I’m more than happy to test it out again and provide an updated review. However, I will not do so because someone else feels that it’s their job to tell me how to spend my money.

This very idea that I or any other blogger or influencer should continuously re-do reviews of a product shows the inherent problem at hand that exists with cosmetic companies.  They should properly test their products in-house first, with a team of experts who know what they’re doing, before ever releasing their products to the general market. It’s time for CUSTOMERS to stop buying these products repeatedly because that is just adding fuel to the fire and keeping this issue going.

Sure, some of you may think it’s a positive thing that companies are “listening” to our feedback and making changes. But think about what that means exactly. They’re doing it at YOUR expense, not theirs. They’re making double money by doing this. They’re not taking a loss on any products.  When Huda Beauty released the horrible first edition of the Rose Gold palette (that had a horrible formula that didn’t work for most people), it still sold out due to their amazing advertising efforts.  Now they’ve re-released it again with slightly new packaging and under the premise that it’s an improved formula. Did they offer refunds to everyone who bought the first version? Of course not! And neither did Morphe! Was the new Rose Gold palette from Huda Beauty any better than the first? Well, you can read the mixed reviews yourself because they span the spectrum between good (for those influencers who are sponsored and received it for free) to outright horrible yet again.  Even still, it’s still selling, and they’re still making even more money the second time around.  These companies are profiting over customer’s inherent desire to trust that their motives are positive…. and ignorance in what they’re actually doing.  It’s time for this to stop, but that won’t happen until WE…. the CUSTOMERS…. stop supporting this behavior! Stop buying 2nd “improved” releases. When you see negative reviews of an initial product, don’t buy it. If you do, return it the substandard products rather than keep them in your makeup supply just because it’s popular and has a name attached like “Jaclyn Hill.”

ABH PrismThe fact is that they’re relying on you buying their substandard products just because you’re a fan of the influencer that they’ve partnered with. Not only is the company getting rich off of this but so is the influencer that they’re working with. The influencers aren’t so innocent in this situation.  Some people are so incredibly dedicated to these influencers that you’ll defend them at any cost, even when it’s a crap product that costs money that you saved up for months. That’s a concept that I neither understand nor will I ever support.

So let’s discuss this topic and let me know your feedback.  Keep it respectful. Nasty comments on my blog will never be tolerated and approved. I do delete negative, hostile comments because this is a no-bullying zone. I am a professional and believe we can have an adult conversation without attacks.  I do enjoy mature, open dialog and welcome such.  So comment below or head on over to my Instagram page and let’s chat! What do you think of companies who release multiple versions of products at YOUR expense after hearing YOUR negative feedback on a product, even when the subsequent versions aren’t really any better?  Do you appreciate the fact that they’re “listening” to your feedback or do you believe they should have implemented better quality control up front before ever releasing the product initially?



  1. Marcella
    June 19, 2018 / 7:53 pm

    This is a fabulous and extremely accurate post! Thank you so much for confirming what I’ve been thinking for awhile now. I’ve purchsed some highly touted Anastasia products and they are virtually unusable, some went back and the others I’ve binned. I have refused to buy to Hud based on the diametrically opposed reviews fortunately. I would like to say I’m shocked at the way commenters have treated you but it seems to be the way of the ‘hide behind the keyboard’ mentality that permeates our society now. In a word it’s disgusting. Good on you for taking a stand, we as consumers are not lab rats, nor are we some twisted control group when we purchase beauty products, which have reached some pretty shocking prices I might add. So if these nasty dissenters want to sing praises over second and third runs of outrageously overpriced and possibly still defective products, then they need to pony up the cash and get their own blog and just then maybe they will see reality for what it really is.

    I for one love your posts, your morning and evening skincare posts have helped me transform not only my skin but my overall well being and how I see myself and I just want to say a HUGE thank you! As for those who hide behind their keyboards too scared to divulge who they really are, do yourselves a favour and get a real life, stop bullying someone who says it like it is and isn’t afraid to stand up to subpar products and the corporations who make them.

    Don’t stop doing what you’re doing because you are fabulous!

  2. Anonymous
    July 10, 2018 / 7:19 pm

    I agree to your reviews and seriously don’t understand why we should waste our money plzz do guide me which one is best for eye shadows plzz i totally believe on your comments and reviews

    • My Beautiful Flaws
      July 14, 2018 / 9:51 pm

      Hi. Thank you so much for your support. For eyeshadows, I have a few recommendations. If you are looking for great quality matte eyeshadows and can afford the higher price tag, Viseart makes excellent quality professional shadows (their shimmers aren’t very good though). The Anastasia Beverly Hills shadows are pretty good, but I would stick to their Modern Renaissance Palette or Soft Glam Palette. Last but not least, one of my favorite new palettes that I’m going to review shortly is the Dominique Cosmetics Latte Palette from Ulta. The quality is absolutely amazing, and the shadows are very long lasting. Hope this helps a little.

  3. victoria
    July 15, 2018 / 12:18 am

    I so agree with you and seriously do not understand how people can be so rude to someone who is just trying to help! I love your reviews because they are honest! keep doing that! Now, do you recomend Morphe ou BhCosmetics palletes? Im trying to find a good nude palette and I liked the colours of both of them, but I don’t know if they are any good?
    Keep doing what you do girl, ur amazinhg!

    • My Beautiful Flaws
      July 16, 2018 / 3:34 pm

      Thank you so much for your love and support. It truly means the world to me that you would take the time out to send me such a kind message of support. Hugs!

      As far as the Morphe palette goes, I am not a fan of Morphe eyeshadows. Even though they are reasonably priced, the quality is generally not good, especially for the matte eyeshadows. I have about 4 Morphe palettes and NEVER use them. BH Cosmetics generally makes really good products, especially if you’re looking for a lower cost option. I would recommend their stuff 100x more than anything that Morphe makes. Another suggestion if you’re looking for options that are more reasonably priced… Have you ever ordered anything from the Shop Hush app? To order from them, you have to download the app called Hush onto your smartphone or iPad/tablet. Then search for any of the palettes made by the brand called Bad Habit. I haven’t tried any other brands on their app, but the Bad Habit eyeshadow palettes are usually very good. They make dupe palettes for high end brands and palettes such as ABH, Huda Beauty and Natasha Denona. I own many of their palettes and they’re all really good quality. Some are even better than the original brand’s version (especially the Natasha Denona dupes). They’re really cheap. For example, you can get all 6 of the Huda Beauty mini palette dupes for just $48 when you buy them as a bundle (or $12 each). The dupes for the larger Huda palettes are just $14 (they’re called the Athena and Aphrodite palettes). The Natasha Denona dupes are $24 for a 2 palette bundle. And they have dupes for all the Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes that run around $10-12. I hope that helps.

      If you want a great nude palette and don’t mind spending $42, check out the review I just posted for the Dominique Cosmetics Latte Palette. It is truly my new favorite go-to nude palette. It’s only 10 shades but it has large pans. The palette isn’t as boring as it looks. It is stunning on the eyes. I also posted swatches in my review and on my Instagram page.

      If you need any other feedback, feel free to comment back or send me a message on my Instagram page. Thanks again for your support.

  4. July 25, 2018 / 2:15 pm

    BRAVA. In an on-line world of bought voices, yours rings true and clear. Don’t let some witless wonder deter you from the work you do here.

    • My Beautiful Flaws
      July 25, 2018 / 7:19 pm

      Thank you so much for the support. It means a lot to me and truly keeps me going when I hear people who appreciate what I’m doing. Love and hugs! 🙂

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