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GlamGlow Plumprageous

I’m a huge fan of GlamGlow products. I really haven’t met one of their products that I didn’t like, so when they came out with a matte lip plumper and primer that could be worn under matte lipsticks, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Even so, I sat on the fence and didn’t buy the GlamGlow Plumprageous for a long time while I pondered over all of the conflicting reviews online. The reviews for this product reflect 2 bipolar extremes; people either “love it” or “hate it” with no in-between. I finally gave in and decided to buy it, justifying it as a birthday present last week. I slathered it on my lips before UPS had time to leave my driveway after delivering it.


The applicator is somewhat unique to open.  You have to twist the tube, which causes this syringe-looking thing to pop up from the top of the tube. You then pull the syringe-looking dispenser straight up out of the tube to release the applicator. The applicator itself is a silicone doe-foot wand. The formula consists of a milky white cream consistency. I purchased the matte lip treatment formula so that I could wear it under my matte lipsticks (it’s advertised as a combination primer and plumper), but this product didn’t seem to dry down quickly at all. It’s not glossy or gel-like, but it coats the lips with a thin cream-like formula that never seemed to became “matte” as advertised.  It took few minutes for it to dry down on my lips. This is a little hard to describe, but after a few minutes it felt somewhat dry when I touched my lips with my fingers to see if the product would transfer off, but when I pursed my lips together, they still felt wet or like a cream was sitting on top of them. It’s very strange, I know.  I immediately started feeling a stinging sensation, typical of many lip plumpers. The stinging of this product is pretty intense, so I thought it would produce somewhat dramatic results or at least results comparible to Lip Injection Extreme. However, 5 minutes later when I looked in the mirror, I saw absolutely zero difference in the appearance.  My lips weren’t even red from the stinging. I made the mistake of licking my lips with my tongue, and when I swallowed, I had a horrible burning sensation travel down my throat. The stinging intensified on my lips just by licking them. Still, nothing was different about my lips when looking in the mirror. I applied another layer and repeated the process, thinking I just needed more of it to make my lips plump. No such luck.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. I gave up on this product completely. On it’s own, it makes no noticable difference whatsoever. I decided to apply my Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme over this product to compare the results between the 2 products. My lips have never burned so much in my life as they did when these 2 products were combined! My lips became firey red and definitely plumped up at that point, almost to the point where I feared I was having a reaction from the 2 products. I had to take a towel and wipe it all off, the stinging was so intolerable. Even after wiping it off, it took a few minutes for it to settle down. The Too Faced product on its own doesn’t have that intense of an effect on me, although it does produce a small stinging and a slight plumping effect that is pretty standard for a lip plumper. It must have been the 2 of these products combined that produced the intensified effect.  So, what does this mean and what’s the verdict on the GlamGlow PlumpRageous?


Unfortunately, I will be returning the GlamGlow Plumpragous and cannot recommed it based on my test results and experience. Sure, I could keep it and combine the Too Faced product with this one for an intense effect, but that’s over $40 worth of products that produce only temporary plumping results, and I honestly dont think anyone should need 2 products to do what 1 advertises it should do. A lip plumper will never produce miracle results and shouldn’t be expected to produce Kylie Jenner lips. The only way you will get lips like that is by lip fillers or plastic surgery. However, you should expect to see subtle plumping changes with a product advertised to be a lip plumper. It should do more than sting your lips. It should produce visible effects, even if subtle.

Hit or Miss? It’s a miss!

Price: $24

Where to Buy: Sephora (matte)  Sephora (gloss)

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