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January Favorites

January was a busy month for my credit card, and as usual, I purchased a lot of products that I absolutely fell in love with but also several that weren’t so great and had to be returned. I will focus my January favorites list on the products that I’m using the most and believe you may also love.

Milani Cosmetics Strobelight Instant Glow Powder

Milani Cosmetics Strobelight Powders

Until now, it was difficult to find a drugstore brand highlighter that gave the same stunning, beautiful, yet soft effect that we are able to find in a variety of high-end makeup brands. Everything changed when Milani Cosmetics released their new Strobelight Glow Powders. The formula is like butter and very pigmented, yet soft and beautiful. They blend like a dream and melt right into the skin, and they don’t kick up powder when you dip your brush into them. There are available in 4 different shades: Afterglow, Dayglow, Sunglow, and Glowing. I purchased the shades Dayglow and Sunglow. You can find a video swatch on my Instagram page. A few of the shades look very similar in the pan and on Milani’s website, but there are very noticeable differences when applied on the skin.

  • Price: $10 retail (may be cheaper at the drugstore)
  • Where to Purchase: Milani website, Check a drugstore near you that carries Milani Cosmetics


Dr. Jart Water Replinishment Mask

Dr. Jart Water Replinishment Sheet Mask

I purchased the Dr. Jart Water Replinishment Mask in a holiday set of Dr. Jart masks, and this one stood out among the others. I have very dry skin which became more dry after undergoing a recent laser peel and using prescription Retin A nightly. I used this mask once, and my skin felt absolutely amazing afterwards. My skin was completely hydrated and all signs of the dry, flaky skin disappeared. This is definitely a mask to keep on hand for those days when your skin is parched and needs a strong dose of hydration. It’s available for purchase as an individual sheet mask. This mask also won the Allure Best of Beauty Award in 2015.

  • Price: $7.50 for 1 individual sheet mask
  • Where to Purchase: Sephora


Lotion P50 by Biologique Recherche

Lotion P50 1970 Original Formula

I recently wrote a separate blog about the Lotion P50, so I won’t go into a lot of details here. This is an exfoliating toner that helps to balance out the PH of your skin, where your skin will be able to accept your other skincare treatments and increase their effectiveness. It’s one of those things that I wish I had tried a LOT sooner. I’ve read all the rave reviews and watched all the YouTube videos raving about this product, but I hesitated to purchase it for some reason. It has developed a cult following for a reason, and I won’t go without it again! You must purchase this product at a med spa. It comes in various formulations to target every skin type. Before you purchase, google “Lotion P50” and find a med spa in your area (or online in your country) that sells it. Then call them first and discuss your personal skincare needs to ensure you purchase the right formula for your skincare needs. I purchased the strongest formula available, called P50 1970, which is the original formula. Some formulas are only sold in the US, due to a certain ingredient that isn’t allowed in the UK and other countries. However, there are formulas that are approved in the UK for sale.

  • Price: Varies by size and retailer. Shop Rescue Spa (USA) – $65 for 5.1 oz and $98 for 8.5 oz
  • Where to Purchase: Google for a med spa in your area or online


Lancome Genifique Second Skin Mask

Lancôme Genifique Second Skin Sheet Mask

I also wrote a blog about this mask recently. I heard about it in Jaclyn Hill’s November Favorites video and was very hesitant to try it due to the hefty price tag. It retails for $105, but it comes in a boxed set of 6 masks. It’s impressive to know that every single mask contains an entire 1/2 bottle of the Genifique Serum. Seriously! That’s a lot of serum, and it explains the price tag. I gave this mask a try, and it truly felt luxurious. My skin felt soft and very hydrated after using it. If you want to learn more about it or see my before and after photos, be sure to check out my review.

  • Price: $105 for a boxed set of 6 (not available individually at this time)
  • Where to Purchase: Lancome, Ulta, Dillards, Macys,


Jouer Cosmetics Long Wear Lip Creme

Jouer Lip Creme in Terra

I only recently gave in to the Jouer hype. I stayed away from this brand for a long time because I’m very leery whenever a company caters to a lot of beauty influencers by paying for their trips to Paris while giving them tons of free products and other things to promote their brand. It’s a huge turn-off frankly, and it’s difficult to trust anyone who peddles products from companies who do this (and there are many!). However, my curiosity got to me, and I finally gave in a purchased one of their liquid lipsticks, a lip topper, and a highlighter, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality of all of it! I purchased the liquid lipstick in the shade Terra. It’s described as a “neutral deep ochre,” and I find this shade to be a stunning, flattering color on me personally. The lipstick is very creamy when applied, and it dries down nicely but never feels dry on my lips. It never cracked, crumbled, or settled in my lip lines. It’s a very nice quality. I’ve hard that the shades can be a little inconsistent in this brand, so my recommendation is for this shade specifically. I can’t speak to the others. I also used the lip topper Skinny Dip, and it was very nice also. It can be applied over any matte lipstick to give it another look without messing up the lipstick underneath it.

  • Price: $18
  • Where to Purchase: Nordstrom  (free shipping and free returns)


GlamGlow Plumprageous Nudes Collection in the shade Lusty

GlamGlow Plumpragous in shade Lusty

As some of you may know, I reviewed the original GlamGlow Plumprageous  Matte Primer a while back, and I wasn’t a fan of it to say the least. However, when GlamGlow released some colored shades in this formula, I decided to give it a try. They released a nudes collection that contains 4 shades with a high shine finish, 4 shades with a matte finish, and 2 shades with a metallic finish. Now, these are not meant to be a lip primer underneath your usual lipstick, to my knowledge. I personally purchased the metallic shade called Lusty, and it’s a stunner! It can be worn alone as a pop of metallic color on the lips, or you can wear it over your usual lip color, which is what I did. Lusty does not dry down to a matte. It maintains a very glossy finish, but I like the effect that this metallic gives when worn over my other matte lipsticks. It’s great for days when your matte lipstick starts feeling too dry, and you want to change it up by applying something over it. This formula does contain the same base formula as the original Plumprageous, meaning that you’ll feel that subtle sting/burn that you feel with lip plumpers like this. But if you’re looking for something to really plump your lips, this won’t do that, even if it’s supposed to. It’s all burn with no bite.

  • Price: $24
  • Where to Purchase: Sephora


Microfiber Wash Clothes from The Rag Company

Microfiber Wash Cloths from The Rag Company

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my post on the Microfiber Wash Clothes. I originally purchased these in a small pack of 5 on Amazon a while back. I loved them so much and grew tired of washing them so often that I went back and purchased another set of them in bulk directly from the company’s website. These wash cloths are a dream! They come in 2 different sizes that are just perfect for washing off your makeup and cleansing your entire face and body. They’re available in sizes 8×8 and 12×12. They’re much softer than a traditional wash cloth. Each side has a different texture. One side has a traditional microfiber feel and the other side has the traditional fluffy terry cloth feel to it. They have a satin border with a small loop that you can use to hang them up with. When you purchase directly on The Rag Company’s website, the price is reduced when you buy them in bulk. The more you buy, the more you save. Or if you just want to try a few out, you can check out their Amazon shop. Don’t fall for the knock-offs elsewhere.

  • Price: Varies by quantity and size purchased. Get a large bundle for less than $50 & free shipping for orders over $40.
  • Where to Purchase: The Rag Company  (not affiliated)


Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil

I had been looking for a good face oil to add to my skincare regimen, but I was having trouble finding something that didn’t feel too oily and that would sink into my skin easily so I could apply my makeup. I heard about the Fresh Seaberry Oil while watching Stephanie Nicole, and I’m so glad I gave it a try. Let’s talk about the smell first! It smells so good and soooo…. well, fresh! It doesn’t have a heavy scent that I’ve found with other oils. I mix this in with my moisturizer morning and night. It’s not sticky or greasy. It settles into my skin and gives me a healthy glow, but it dries enough to allow me to wear my makeup over it. You’ve seen my recommendation for the Farsali Elixer previously, and that’s still a great oil! However, I can’t apply Farsali before I wear makeup because it doesn’t dry down and absorb fast enough into my skin.  You can use the Fresh Seaberry oil alone or mix it in with your moisturizer.


Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil 

Bite Beauty – The Lip Pencil

This is the only product that I didn’t purchase with my own money. I received 2 pencil to test by Influenster prior to the launch in February. Prior to this time, Bite Beauty wasn’t a brand that was on my radar. The only product I had tried from them was the Agave lip mask, which is a great product, but nothing that I’ve repurchased over the years. After receiving these samples, I tried them immediately and was actual very impressed with the quality. It’s been difficult for me to find a lip pencil that doesn’t feather or bleed outside of my lip line. I have been using the lip liners by Kylie Cosmetics and Make Up Forever because I find them to be the creamiest while staying in place and not smudging throughout the day. However, I’ve recently experienced issues with them feathering and not drawing a sharp line. The Bite Beauty pencils were perfect. I could draw a sharp line with them, but they still felt soft and creamy. They can be used to fill in the entire lip and wear as a complete look or just as a liner. I will be purchasing additional shades. One of the shades I tested was a perfect nude shade that will work for many of my lipstick shades. It is shade 020 beige nude. The other shade shown is shade 044. These are available in 22 shades and were inspired by natural lip colors. I highly recommend giving these a try, and I don’t say that because I received them complimentary. I’m known as a very honest and blunt blogger, even if I’m asked to test something (check out my recent shampoo review or my review of the Cover Girl mascara, and you’ll see what I mean).

  • Price: $18
  • Where to Purchase: Sephora


That sums up my top favorites for the past month. I purchased a lot of new products and can’t mention them all, but these are the ones that stand out above the rest. Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts? Let me know what other products became your favorites over the past month! I love to hear your feedback! 



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