Review: Adept Cosmetics Magnetic Palettes – Part 2

Adept Cosmetics

Adept Cosmetics recently celebrated their 1-year anniversary, and I thought it was time to post an updated review of the company and their products.  If you missed my original review, be sure to check it out here  (published April 27, 2017).  At the time of my original review, Adept Cosmetics was a fairly new brand, and they took the market by storm with the launch of their heavy-duty double-sided original Adept Palette that would hold any pressed product you could imagine putting in it. It contains a heavy-duty plastic separator that would keep the two sides from touching and offered additional protection.  Adept Cosmetics entered the industry at a perfect time when customers were searching for alternatives to the Z-Palette (see original review for additional details and information).  I remain a dedicated fan of Adept Cosmetics after a year and continue to sing their praises. They are a company with integrity, and they now have a proven track record of amazing customer service and a commitment to continuously innovate themsevles by creating new products, ensuring there’s a product that will work for everyone.  I love the fact that they listen closely to customer feedback and respond accordingly by making improvements with every new release or even making products that customers request and have a need for. I’ll be completely honest with you. I won’t use my old Z-Palettes anymore, for many reasons. The empty magnetic palettes from Adept Cosmetics have completely replaced all of my Z-Pallettes, and they serve all of my needs beautifully. I use them every single day.

Travel Palette
Coming soon – The new Travel Palette available in 2 colors with a divider. Photo owned and compliments of Adept Cosmetics.

Since Adept Cosmetics launched, they have released a variety of new products and also released additional shades of their original Adept Palette.  My original review covered their initial lineup of magnetic palettes, but they are worthy of an updated review since they’ve expanded their product line and continue to release new, innovative products. By the way, aside from empty magnetic makeup palettes, they also make makeup! This review will focus on the empty magnetic makeup palettes.  They have some exciting new products launching soon, including a beautiful travel palette that will be available in two colors: Black and blush. It’s made out of vegan leather and has a divider made out of satin. I will post an update on Instagram when it’s released, as it will be the perfect travel buddy to pop in your purse or luggage. They also released a Marble Palette that is currently sold out; however, they will be releasing an updated version of it in the near future.

The XXL 88 Pan Palette

My current absolute favorite palette from Adept Cosmetics (as of the time of this publication) is Adept Palette 88 Pantheir new XXL 88 Pan Palette. It’s advertised to hold 88 standard round eyeshadow pans, such as the ones you can find from MUG, ABH, MAC, etc.  I have personally proven that it will hold much more than that, depending on the brand and size of the pans you use. I recently depotted all of my Viseart eyeshadows and was able to fit 104 Viseart eyeshadows in my XXL palette. And believe it or not, I still had plenty of room left over to add more, and I WILL be adding more after recently purchasing the new Viseart Theory Absinthe Palette. Yes, you read that right! 104 eyeshadows! Very impressive (although some people find it rather scary that I de-potted all of my Viseart shadows).


Adept Palette 88 Pan

I was able to fit the following Viseart shadows into the XXL palette:

  • Four (4) x 12 pan professional palettes = a total of 48 eyeshadow full-sized shadows
  • Three (3) x Theory Palettes in Minx, Amethyst, and Nuance = a total of 18 full-sized shadows (I will be adding the Absinthe palette shortly, but it’s not shown in the current photo below)
  • The entire Grande Pro Palette = a total of 30 full-sized shadows
  • The Viseart Petite Pro Palette = a total of 8 mini shadows

That is a grand total of $660 in Viseart eyeshadows that I placed in the XXL palette so far. That proves how much I trust the Adept Cosmetics palette. It’s sturdy, yet lightweight enough for me to use every single day. I don’t recommend dropping it on the floor, but it will protect your shadows nicely. I love the idea of having all of the eyeshadows I use together in one palette, as opposed to searching through a dozen different palettes to find one shade that I want from each palette.

XXL 88 Pan Palette Price: $24.99

Note: All prices listed are subject to change at any time by Adept Cosmetics. 

The Original Adept Palette

In my original review of Adept Cosmetics, I reviewed and posted photos of the Original Adept Original Adept PalettePalette, which is a hard-shell plastic double-sided palette with a divider between the two sides. As mentioned previously, it is now available in additional colors: Blue, Royal Purple, and Black. It will protect your makeup and stand up to the drop-test (although I never recommend dropping your makeup on purpose). I believe this is a good palette for traveling because it will protect the contents and hold all the product that you could possibly need on a trip. It’s the sturdiest palette that they make (or that I’ve seen any company make).  It will be a little bulkier than a standard cardboard palette, but that’s because of the size and sturdiness of the product. For additional details, please see my original details. I’m mentioning this product again because I recently received the new Purple version and instantly put various brands of my eyeshadows, blushes, and contours in it. It holds a lot of product!

Original Adept Palette




The Original Adept Palette Price:   $32


The Marble Palette (now discontinued)

Although the original Marble Palette is now sold out and discontinued, I wanted to review it anyway because they’re coming out soon with a new version of it. I also wanted to show you how versatile and innovative this brand is. They are continuously listening to customer feedback and respondingMarble Palette with new products that we all ask for. The original Marble Palette is a lightweight, cardboard palette that is smaller than the XXL Palette. It was advertised to hold 60-63 standard round eyeshadows. It is actualy a perfect size for everyday use, bigger than a Large Z-Palette but not so large that you can’t reasonable handle it or store it. When I originally received this palette, I put 80 of my Viseart eyeshadows in it. After I received the XXL Palette and purchased more Viseart eyeshadows, I decided to switch things up again. I depotted 6 of my mini ColourPop Palettes. I am the type of person who just won’t use a palette unless I can see it, and there was no way I could see and use all of these different mini palettes I had purchased from ColourPop among all the other palettes in my collection. The Marble Palette was a perfect solution for these. I was able to fit a total of 78 mini shadows into this palette, versus the 60-63 standard shadows that it was advertised to hold. Even though they are minis, that’s a lot of eyeshadows, and honestly…. they’re not THAT small! I fit the following palettes into the Marble Palette and still had room for a couple of more:

  • All I See is Magic – 15 Mini Shadows
  • Golden State of Mind – 15 Mini Shadows
  • I Think I Love You – 12 Mini Shadows
  • Double Entendre – 12 Mini Shadows
  • Cute AF – 12 Mini Shadows
  • Dream St. Kathleen Lights Palette – 12 Mini Shadows

Keep your eyes open for the revised version of this palette. I will post when it’s available on my Instagram page.


How to Purchase and Discount Information

Adept Cosmetics products are sold directly on their website. They offer free US domestic shipping for any order over $45. They often run specials, so always check out their website or Instagram page for the latest offerings. Palette prices vary and are subject to change.

You can receive a 15% discount by using the following link and discount code:

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Full disclosure

I am an affiliate for Adept Cosmetics. This is the ONLY brand affiliation I have, as I prefer to remain completely non-sponored. Adept Cosmetics does not pay me to advertise or write any reviews. They do receive PR from them on occassion. If you choose to purchase any of their products using my link and discount code, I will receive a small commission, which I use to further  support this website. Please don’t feel obligated to use my link and code, but if you choose to help support this blog by doing so, please know how much I truly appreciate you and your support. Every penny helps me keep this blog running!


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