Review: Adept Cosmetics Magnetic Makeup Palettes

Review: Adept Cosmetics Magnetic Makeup Palettes

The beauty industry can be very large and overwhelming for a new start-up. Getting people to notice you among the hundreds (or thousands) of new beauty companies each year can be daunting and seemingly impossible even for brands with amazing new products to offer, as they try to distinguish themselves among a flooded marketplace. But every now and then, a competitor will make a mistake so large that it sends customers running away in the search for something better. The owner of  Z-Palette made one such mistake in February 2017, when she took to Instagram to lash out at critics of her most recent product. Let’s just say that it didn’t end up so well, as customers immediately unleashed a boycott of the company who made magnetic makeup palettes popular.  As retailers, brands, and customers alike committed to throwing away their once-cherished Z-Palette magnetic palettes, a new brand quickly emerged, grabbing the spotlight and shining bright amidst the darkness and negativity. Enter…. Adept Cosmetics!

Who is Adept Cosmetics?

Adept Cosmetics Palettes
Adept Cosmetics smaller cardboard palettes

Adept Cosmetics is an independent beauty brand that started just one year ago. They describe themselves as a bunch of introverted “makeup nerds,” which I can totally relate to. Their mission is to “make cute products that deliver on promises, without breaking the bank.”  You’ll notice that many of their products have catchy names with references to Star Trek or other such themes.

I discovered Adept Cosmetics by word-of-mouth as I was searching for my Z-Palette replacements.  Frankly, the thought of spending a fortune on replacements wasn’t appealing, so I was very grateful to find that Adept Cosmetic’s star product is a very large double-sided magnetic palette that I could literally fit several of my Z-Palettes into. As word traveled about their original Adept Palette, it sold out again and again, but thankfully I was able to purchase one. That’s when I fell in love with the company.  The product is great, the service is great, and I appreciate the fact that they treat their customers right!

Both cardboard palette bundles come with magnetic stickers and a de-potting tool

I always love a beauty company that gives back, and Adept Cosmetics does! They donate 5% of their profit for some cosmetics (specifically their Tach-y-on Loose Eye Powders) to the Centers for Missing and Exploited Children. They make much more than magnetic palettes!   All of their cosmetics are paraben-free, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic.  If you order a cosmetic product from them and happen to notice a “chemical” smell, that is normal since they don’t use fragrance to cover the scent of the raw ingredients. They do not perform animal testing and are adamant that if they are ever forced to, they will close first. I love the fact that they offer a 30 day return period and 100% satisfaction guarantee. It irks me whenever companies don’t offer a return period for customers (I’m talking about you ColourPop!). Even though their products are reasonably priced, every dollar adds up.  They currently ship to the US, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia (this list may grow in the future).

The Magnetic Palettes

In addition to the original Adept Palette that I purchased, which is a large hard-case double-sided magnetic palette, they added 2 new smaller cardboard magnetic palettes to their product lineup. They offer them both in bundles, which include 20 magnetic eyeshadow stickers that you can apply to the back of your non-magnetic eyeshadow/makeup products, and they include a stainless steel de-potting tool. Best of all, both of the cardboard palettes include a mirror on the inside, so it’s perfect for traveling. Currently they offer one with a black, laminated coating. The other is called the Love For All Palette and is made in a cute laminated coating with purple on one side and teal green on the other side.

The smaller size makes it very convenient and easy to use. They are 8″ x 7″ inches. They can hold over 30, 26mm eyeshadow pans. I was able to fit more than 1 of my large sized z-palette contents into one of them. I actually took 3 large-sized z-palettes and combined the entire full contents of all of them into just 2 of the Adept Cosmetics cardboard palettes.  The mirrors in both of them are very high quality. They come with a peel-off sheet protector to ensure the mirrors don’t get scratched or damaged in transit. The palettes will protect your makeup and keep them safe both when handling at home and when traveling.

The cardboard magnetic palette bundles currently retail for $20. That includes the palette, de-potting tool, and 20 magnetic eyeshadow stickers.

The original Adept Palette is an extra-large, patent/trademark pending double-sided magnetic palette that will hold pretty much any de-potted cosmetic product you can think of including eyeshadows, blushes, face powders, highlighters, contour powders, etc. It’s a strong, durable plastic case that will protect your makeup at all times, whether you’re traveling or accidentally drop it at home. I love the fact that it contains a plastic divider that will protect your makeup inside and keep the 2 sides from touching together. The size of this palette is 9 x 7 x 1 inches on the outside and 8.75 x 6.75 x 0.32 inches on the inside. It’s huge!  I literally took a stack of my z-palettes and was able to fit all of them into this large palette!  I did find that it was a little too large to use for daily use at home, especially since I sit at a packed makeup desk to apply my makeup. However, it would totally work great for those who stand in the bathroom and have limited room to fit all your different palettes, and it’s PERFECT for traveling since it fits so many products and is a great product protector! Cool fact…. they actually have a rocket scientist on their team who designed this palette!

The original Adept Palette currently retails for $31 and is currently on sale for $29. Can’t beat that price, considering it holds so much!

Overall, I highly recommend the Adept Cosmetics magnetic palettes, and I look forward to what this brand offers in the future. While I haven’t had an opportunity yet to try their makeup products, I plan to do that very soon.  I believe this is a company with integrity that stands behind its products. I’m a huge proponent of supporting indie brands, especially those that value their customers and find ways to give back.

Where to Buy:  Adept Cosmetics Website Use code MYBEAUTIFULFLAWS for 15% off your purchase of anything!


Additional Photos

Adept Palette
The Original Adept Palette has a hard plastic divider to keep the double-sided magnetic sides separate from each other, further protecting your products.


I have been able to fit around 3.5 Z-Palettes into this extra large original Adept Palette. It’s currently holding all of my blushes, contour powders, and a mix-match of eyeshadows. Note, some of the eyeshadows shown here have the domed tops, and there’s plenty of room for them in this palette.


Adept Cosmetics Palettes
Shown here: The Love for All Palette.



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