Tips for Applying Matte Lipstick

Matte Lipstick

Matte liquid lipsticks are known for showing off every fine line on your lips and often being a bit drying. When you find that perfect one though, they can have a lot of benefits such as very long wear without the need to reapply throughout the day. I’m one of those girls who hates to reapply my makeup once I leave the house, and I love the fact that my matte lipsticks are still going strong even after lunch. If you’re one of those people who has had trouble wearing matte lipstick for a variety of reasons, hopefully your experience will be much better after trying out some of these tips and techniques. I will also provide some tips for plumping your lips with matte lipstick. Let’s get started!

  1. Before applying a matte lipstick, it’s always important to prep your lips with a scrub to remove the dry, flaky skin and ensure the lipstick has a smooth surface to adhere to. If you don’t have a scrub and want an affordable home solution, use your toothbrush and a tiny bit of toothpaste and gently scrub all over your lips, even around the edges, and rinse. You can also make your own home sugar scrub by mixing either white or brown sugar with 1/4 teaspoon of oil like olive oil or coconut oil.  You can add a dash of vanilla for flavoring if you like, but if you use brown sugar, this step isn’t necessary (it’s completely optional either way). Mix that together and scrub gently all over the lips and rinse. If you’re looking for a great scrub to purchase, I use and recommend the one made by GlamGlow called PoutMud. It’s available on their website or via Sephora either individually or as a 2-piece set that includes the scrub and a balm. Do NOT apply the balm immediately before applying a matte lipstick unless you wipe it off first. The balm is amazing, but I typically use it as a night mask before bedtime or if I’m just sitting around the house. You can apply it beforehand for moisture but you have to wipe it off because your lipstick will slide right off. This is the best scrub I have found. I like the flavor and I like the moisture it leaves behind. The scrub isn’t overly dry like other scrubs I have used (i.e. Jeffree Star’s scrubs tend to be very dry in and out of the container).
  2. If you have trouble with your matte lipstick feeling too dry, there’s a couple of tips you can try. Apply a dryer balm such as the EOS balm to your lips after scrubbing them. Apply your other makeup first while allowing the balm to soak in. Before you’re ready to start your lips, take a cloth towel and wipe away all the excess balm. I prefer using a microfiber cloth.  I bought a 24 pack from Amazon for $13.99. They are priceless for makeup cleanups. If you don’t wipe off the balm before applying your lipstick, the lipstick will not stick and dry down properly on your lips. The formula of the balm interferes with the long-lasting properties of the matte lipstick, and it will cause it to slide off almost immediately.
  3. Another tip to combat the dryness of a matte lipstick is to take your lip liner and fill in your lips completely with the liner first. This works especially well if you’re using a Kylie Cosmetics LipKit. Her lip liners are among the best around, although the lipsticks themselves can be very drying. For this to work, be sure you’re using a long-lasting lip liner. If you use a liner that isn’t long-lasting, the emollients in the liner can make your lipstick slide off and not last as long. This tip, when used with a long-lasting liner, will also help prevent any streakiness from the lipstick, and it helps the lipstick last longer throughout the day. If you don’t eat anything oily and you’re careful when drinking liquids, your lipstick can last literally all day and into the evening without the need to reapply.
  4. Here’s a tip for plumping your lips before applying your matte lipstick. A lot of people thought that Kylie’s lipkits would contain some type of magical formula that would make your lips as plump and full as hers, but that look can only be achieved with lip fillers or plastic surgery. Furthermore, the lipkits do not contain any plumping ingredients whatsoever. One trick that I do is to apply  Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme to my bare lips before starting my daily makeup routine. I let this sit on my lips while I do the rest of my face (foundation, eyes, contour, highlighting). I always do my lips last. When I’m ready to apply my liner and lipstick, I wipe off the excess plumper with my microfiber cloth, ensuring that there’s no gloss or moisture left behind. The lip injection product will create a temporary plumping effect that lasts for a little while. It doesn’t last all day, but it’s great for the initial look. It also creates fuller lips to help serve as a guideline for applying your lip liner and creating a plumper effect. You can apply this product on top of your lipstick like a gloss, but it will obviously take alway the matte effect and it will cause your lipstick to slide throughout the day if you’re not careful.
  5. After removing the Lip Injection Extreme, I slightly overline my lips. I line them right on top of the outer edge of my natural lips but not far outside the natural lip line where it looks clownish.
  6. Do not layer matte lipstick more than once if you can avoid it. Most matte lipsticks are designed to provide full, opaque coverage with one layer, and they typically look their best and last longer when you apply one coat. Adding additional layers on top of it will usually cause it to dry out, crumble, and crack within minutes or within a very short amount of time. There are some shades that have a more streaky application with one layer (such as Kylie’s Kourt K), and you honestly just have to work with it the best way possible to get an opaque look without layering it so thick that it crumbles away.
  7. After applying, do not smack or rub your lips together! You want to apply the product evenly using the applicator or a brush to all areas of your lips, and let it dry in place without piercing your lips together.
  8. I don’t recommend reapplying a matte lipstick throughout the day unless you remove what is already on your lips. Failing to remove the remaining color on your lips will cause the new layer to appear flaky and like you have dried pieces of gross stuff on your lips. It just looks nasty and uneven…. usually.
  9. To keep your matte lipstick from drying and settling into the fine lines of your lips, I recommend that you apply with a slight smile on your face, which pulls the lines out of your lips. Hold that pose until your lips are completely dry. This will also ensure your lipstick dries properly without getting it on your pearly white teeth!

Hope that helps! If you have additional tips or found these tips helpful, be sure to leave a comment below. 👇🏼

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