Review: Dominique Cosmetics Latte Palette

Review: Dominique Cosmetics Latte Palette

I’m a little late to the game in reviewing the Dominique Cosmetics Latte Palette, but after finally giving it a try, I knew that I had to give this palette the credit its due and publish my honest opinion about it.  The Latte Palette is a palette created by beauty influencer and YouTuber Christen Dominique, under her newly formed cosmetics label called Dominique Cosmetics. It is made in the USA and available at Sephora for $42. I purchased this palette a few months ago during an Ulta Beauty sale (it was previously sold at Ulta but now discontinued and sold exclusively at Sephora). I let it sit in my beauty room completely untouched until yesterday. That was my mistake and loss because when I finally tried it, I realized that this little gem far exceeds the quality and beauty of most other eyeshadows in my collection… and that’s a LOT of very expensive eyeshadows and brands. I don’t make that statement lightly.

I decided to give this palette a test run on a day where I needed my makeup to stand up to very difficult conditions. I was going to an outdoor concert (Boy George for anyone wondering), and the temperature outside was a muggy 100 degrees and even hotter if you figured in the southern humidityLatte Palette Look and heat index. It was absolutely miserable outside, and I knew I would need to wear as many “waterproof” and long-wearing products that I could slather on my face. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from this palette, as my general experience with makeup collabs and other companies established by beauty influencers hasn’t always been the best.

The colors in this palette are perfect for me personally. I am 42 (soon to be 43 in a few weeks), and I don’t wear bright eyeshadow colors. At the same time, I’m a little worn out from the standard shades in my other palettes and collections. The Latte Palette is a perfect neutral palette with a little pop of color for those who want that. It contains a full shade range of crease colors, transition shades, and lid colors… perfect to make a complete eye look. It contains a total of 10 shades, and the eyeshadow pans are pretty large compared to most other eyeshadow palettes. Each pan is 1.8 grams. Following are the shades and descriptions according to the product’s description on the Ulta website:

  • Hazelnut (matte warm brown with a red undertone)Latte palette swatches
  • Caramel (matte light taupe with a cool undertone)
  • Vanilla Crème (matte muted yellow)
  • Mocha (matte chocolate brown)
  • Pumpkin Spice (matte rustic muted orange with red undertones)
  • Espresso (foil brown with gold flecks)
  • Macchiato (foil champagne with gold flecks)
  • Crème Brulee (foil copper rose gold)
  • Cold Brew (matte deep teal)
  • Double Shot (matte purple with red undertones)


Application and Wear Test

I applied a primer before using this palette (I used the Bare Escentuals 5-in-1 primer shadow, which was recently discontinued sadly). I used the following shades to create my eye look for the concert: Vanilla Creme, Hazelnut and Caramel (mixed together), Creme Brûlée, and Latte Palette LookMacchiato. Yes, that may seem like a boring neutral look, but these eyeshadows are truly stunning on the eyelids compared to inside the pans. I’ve never seen an eyeshadow truly come to life the way these do after applied to the eyes.

The shadows blended like an absolute dream. I didn’t have any issues with the mattes blending away to nothing or blending into each other where you couldn’t distinguish the different colors or where they got muddy.  They blended seamlessly into each other without having hard edges. Each shade I used was very pigmented, including both the mattes and the shimmers. It can be very difficult to find great mattes that blend well and look vibrant on the eyes, but these surpassed my expectations. I’m almost scared to say it, but I like these just as much (if not better than) my Viseart shadows.  <gasp> I know!  I didn’t need to wet my brush for the shimmers like I usually do with other palettes and brands. They were beautiful and vibrant when applied with a dry brush.  However, I did try one of the shades wet after applying it dry, just to see the effect it would have. Needless to say, it was even more stunning and vibrant when applied with a brush damped with MAC Fix +.

I was outside in the heat for 6 full hours, rocking all night at the concert. Even though it was the evening/night time, the southern summer heat Latte Palette Look 2never subsided. I was literally soaking wet by the end of the concert, and my hair looked like I had just gotten out of the shower. It was absolutely miserable. I had applied a waterproof foundation from Becca, waterproof mascara, and waterproof eyeliner.  All of my foundation, eyeliner, and mascara was running down my face by the time I got home at 1:00 AM.  My long-wear matte lipstick was non-existent.  However, my eyeshadow was perfect as if I had just applied it, and I had to use eye makeup remover to take it off before going to bed. Without a doubt, the performance and longevity of this palette withstood the ultimate test that I could have put it through.


Final Recommendation

Do I recommend this palette? Absolutely, without a doubt! This is going to be my new go-to palette for an everyday look. Keep in mind this is a neutral palette, and it won’t give you a lot of color options if you’re looking for something bright and colorful. However, if you’re like me and want a stunning neutral palette that you can wear to a professional work environment, you can purchase this palette and never need anything else in your collection. I’m frankly tired of palettes where you can’t make a full look, but this passes every test and checks off every box for what I look for in an eyeshadow palette personally. It’s worthy to note that these eyeshadows do contain talc as the first ingredient, so if you have any sensitivities to talc, you may want to avoid this one.

Where to Buy: Sephora  |  Beauty Bay

Price: $42


UPDATE: Dominique Cosmetics was recently discontinued from Ulta but their products are now available at Sephora

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  1. August 8, 2018 / 12:03 pm

    I finally received this in the mail and tried it out this morning before work. I don’t have a lot of time to get ready, so I picked 3 matte shades (one transition, one slightly darker, and a lighter one for the mobile lid) and went to work. These shadows blend gorgeously and look subtle and luminous. I have a nasty habit of rubbing at my face/eyes a lot at work (call it stress!) and at 7 hours in, this shadow is still holding it’s ground and hasn’t settled into the creases of my lids. THANK YOU for your review – this was a brand I’d never heard of and would never have tried if I didn’t follow your blog.

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