Honest Review: Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation

Beauty Blender Foundation

Beauty Blender, the maker of the famous pink egg that completely changed the beauty community and how we all apply makeup, recently released their very first foundation called Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation. It makes sense that the creator of the famous sponge applicator would make a foundation to use with their product. It was an ingenious idea…. but one that was very poorly executed. Despite the contraversy and issues surrounding the Beauty Blender foundation shade range, which I’ll discuss shortly, I wanted to test the formula itself to see if it lived up to the hype and its claims.

The Contraversy – 50 Shades of Beige

Beauty Blender Foundation Shades
Photo courtesy of the Beauty Blender Instagram page.

If you follow any beauty community news, you’ve probably already heard about the huge contraversy and backlash facing Beauty Blender’s newest product launch.  It’s difficult not to see a post or article related to the topic, as it sparked a larger conversation pertaining to inclusiveness. Until the past year or so, cosmetic brands have mostly escaped any real consequences due to their decision to release products targeted to lighter skinned customers, aka 50 shades of beige. It wasn’t until Rihanna released her new makeup brand called Fenty Beauty that the conversation grew into a true movement and a demand for brands to include everyone when releasing their makeup shade ranges, not just those with light or medium-toned skin. It’s as if makeup brands didn’t understand that everyone wears makeup.  Fenty Beauty had immediately set a new standard for all brands to follow when they released their foundation in 40 inclusive shades, ensuring that customers at every end of the spectrum could find their perfect shade match. Until this point, women of color were actually told to just “find another brand” that had a shade match for their skin tone, as if it was ok for 99% of the cosmetic industry to intentionally leave them out. Since Fenty released their 40 shade foundation, many other brands have followed in their footsteps to ensure people of every color have the ability to wear their foundation. Failing to do so at this point is certain death for any brand that intentionally makes the decision to release a foundation (or concealer) with a highly limited shade range. That’s why it came as a shock when Beauty Blender got it wrong out of the gate. While they released 32 shades at the initial launch of the Bounce foundation, the shades are outright strange, make no sense whatsoever, are tailored more to medium skin tones, and they offered just a few dark shades with some being outright orange. The shades appear to be almost non-human. I personally don’t know any bright orange people, but if they’re out there, Beauty Blender made a foundation to match them. They missed the market of people with dark skin and really light skin, missing both ends of the spectrum.

Product Basics

The Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation is advertised as a “weightless, liquid whip foundation with a multidimensional, velveteen-matte finish that wears for up to 24 hours.”  I struggle a little bit with the “up to 24 hour” claim that many cosmetic companies have been claiming recently, as nobody should ever wear a foundation for 24 hours straight without removing it.  Nevertheless, the point is that Beauty Blender Foundationit’s supposed to be long-wearing, and that’s exactly what I personally need and look for in a foundation.  The packaging of this foundation is pretty innovative, as the outside component is designed to allow you to put your Beauty Blender sponge on top of it and/or dispense the foundation directly onto the sponge. Compared to other foundation bottles, the component is a little large, but it holds the standard 1 fluid ouces of product. It is currenntly available at Sephora and retails for $40. As previously mentioned, there are currently 32 shades available, although they will hopefully release more shades in the near future.  Bounce is advertised as a full-coverage, weightless foundation with a velveteen-matte finish that works for all skin types.

I found it interesting that the foundation is infused with hyaluronic acid and white birch extract. Hyaluronic acid is one of the best ingredients you can use for dry skin, as it contains 100x its weight in water to keep your skin moisturized. White birch extract is known to be an anti-inflammatory and skin soothing ingredient with skin-healing properties that is great for skin issues such as excema and psoriasis. It’s always a bonus whenever a makeup product contains skin-loving ingredients that works double-duty to make your skin look great.

Application and Wear Test

Beauty Blender Foundation Shades
Photo of shade ranges courtesy of the product listing on Sephora’s website.

Fortunately for me, the shade that I ordered on Sephora.com was a perfect match for my skin. I ordered shade 2.2, which is a medium shade with neutral olive undertones. To give Beauty Blender just a little credit, it’s nearly impossible to find foundations with olive undertones, so I appreciated that they had one shade available with that tone to it. It’s much more common to see foundation undertones in pink, neutral, and yellow. I am half Persian, and when I tan, I have very strong olive tones in my skin, and that often makes it difficult for me personally to find a perfect foundation match. I usually have to order multiple shades in every foundation and mix them together to customize a shade that matches my skin.

Before I applied the foundation, I primed my face using my normal routine. I always apply my skincare products approximately 30 minutes before doing my makeup, let that soak in, and then I mix together a variety of primers and apply to my skin… because I’m extra that way. I always select primers according to what I’m doing that day, i.e., do I need my makeup to hold up outside in the heat for most of the day, is my skin feeling extra dry, or is my skin a little red that day. On the day of this test, I mixed together the Becca First Light Priming Filter, Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte Lock Primer, and Smashbox Primerizer.  I let the primer soak in and dry for a few minutes before applying the foundation.

I applied the foundation using a damp Beauty Blender. This is not how I normally apply my foundation because I like my foundation to be fuller coverage, and the Beauty Blender soaks up product and gives a little more sheer appearance. However, I wanted to use it for this test since the foundation was made by Beauty Blender; I felt like the products were made to be used together. I had to use more foundation than I normally would, had I applied the product with a brush. I built the foundation up, using at least 2 layers on most areas of my face and 3 layers in the areas that required a little more coverage to hide my hyper-pigmentation. I have some damage from being in the sun this summer, so it took more than usual to cover those areas.

The Bounce foundation gave my skin one of the more beautiful finishes and looks that I’ve experienced with a foundation. I find that a lot of foundations are either very heavy, cakey, too matte, or too dewey. This one was a perfect finish, with just enough moisture to make it look like my natural skin but not appearing too shiny or too matte. It literally seemed to melt into my skin, rather than sit on top of my skin, which looked absolutely beautiful.

Not to suddenly sound like a downer, but I tested this foundation on a day where I was going to a family funeral, and I knew my makeup needed to look nice, professional, not overdone, yet last all day both inside and outside in the summer 100 degree heat. This was the perfect foundation for this particular day. Throughout the day, whenever I went to the restroom or looked in the mirror, the foundation still looked great and appeared as if it was still freshly applied. It was a very long day, and I spent over an hour outside sweating in the sun. When I returned home after approximately 10 hours of wear, I did a final check-in and looked in both a magnifying mirror and my bathroom mirror.  When viewing my face in the magnifying mirror (a 10x magnifier), I could see some small signs of wear, and there were a couple of areas where the foundation had settled into the fine lines of my forehead and around the lines on the sides of my mouth. However, when looking in the bathroom mirror, those issues were completely unnoticable. My foundation and entire makeup look still appeared very nice to the naked eye. I was impressed by the fact that the foundation held up in areas that normally wear off quickly, such as my nose area (especially where I wear my sunglasses) and the sides of my face (where I often hold my phone). I didn’t experience any significant issues with it wearing off or transferring like I normally do, even with foundations that claim to be long-wear and waterproof.

By later in the evening, I was exhausted and accidently fell asleep without removing my makeup, which I never recommend doing for obvious reasons. When I woke up the next morning, I was surprised to see that the majority of the foundation was still on my face. When I washed my face, a full face of foundation literally came off onto the wash cloth. I was a little surprised that it hadn’t worn off throughout the night while I was tossing and turning, so perhaps their “up to 24 hour” claim is accurate. But again, please don’t do this because it’s not good for your skin to leave makeup on your face that long.


Final Recommendation

Would I recommend the Beauty Blender Bounce foundation? This is a really tough question to answer, especially due to the issue with shade inclusivity, or lack thereof. If I were to make a recommendation based on the brand’s decision to release the foundation without inclusive shades for everyone, based on ethics alone, I would say no… wait until they do the right thing and expand their selection so that everyone can purchase the product and not just those with medium-toned skin. However, I think it’s important to also provide a recommendation based on the formula on its own merit. I can honestly say that this is one of the best foundations that I’ve ever used, when considering the finish, performance, and wear throughout the day. It is a beautiful foundation that provides flawless coverage, while still somehow making it look like your natural skin. The foundation’s performance throughout the day and under the circumstances was excellent. This is one of those rare times where it’s difficult for me to outright recommend a product. Follow your heart and ethics. Of course, for many people unfortunately, the situation has already been made due to the lack of shades available at either end of the spectrum.


Where to Purchase



What are your thoughts about the new Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation? Have you already purchased it or is it in your shopping list? Or are you passing on it due to the shade issues or for other reasons? Comment below or head over to my Instagram page, let’s chat about it! 



  1. August 7, 2018 / 7:01 am

    I’m so glad you reviewed this. After reading the reviews on Sephora, I was conflicted about trying it. Now I have my answer. Yes, I definitely want try it! But since I have a bunch of other foundations on my to-try list, I’ll wait to order it until they fix their shade-range issues. Thank you!

  2. Dana Schneider
    April 29, 2021 / 11:39 am

    I really like this foundation! I tried it with a damp beauty blender and it was way too sheer. I now tap it into my skin with a dry beauty blender and it looks great! I’m in my late 40s but have only minimal wrinkles and this foundation does not settle into my fine lines. At the end of the day, it really does still look very good, where some foundations can look cakey and fake, this just looks like good skin!


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