13 Ways to Use MAC Fix +

MAC Fix Plus

If you’re a makeup addict or have been an avid watcher of beauty influencers on YouTube, chances are you’ve heard of MAC Fix +.  MAC’s Fix + is one of those “holy grail” staples in every beauty lover’s collection. It was originally developed as a “finishing spray,” not to be confused with a setting spray which makes your makeup actually last longer. A finishing spray finishes off your entire look and melts everything together to give you that final, flawless appearance. It eliminates the infamous “cake face” issue and ensures you don’t walk out the door looking like a powder puff.  Each spritz delivers a lightweight mist of water packed with vitamins and minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile, and cucumber. The scent is yummy, light and fresh…. never perfumey or strong.  It provides your skin with an instant boost of hydration and will quickly freshen up your look in the middle of a long, tough day.  It didn’t take long for beauty lovers to discover its many different uses, making it a must-have staple in every makeup collection.

MAC recently released a series of Limited Edition travel sized bottles, available in 3 new scents: Coconut, Lavender, and Rose! Be still, my heart!  Once they’re gone, they’re gone so check them out while they’re in stock now. While the regular Fix + is available at any department stores that sell Mac Cosmetics, the new scented versions are only available at Nordstrom for a limited time. I grabbed the Cocunut to give it a try, and it’s really nice. I like the convenience of the travel size bottle. It’s perfect to throw in a purse and take on the go for times you need a quick refresh of the makeup or a spritz to cool you off on a long, hot day. The new scent is not overpowering or strong at all, which was my primary concern when I heard about the scented versions. If you’re sensitive to smells, I don’t think the Coconut will be offensive at all. Unfortunately I can’t speak to the Rose or Lavender scents since I didn’t get those (I was a little too scared because I’m highly sensitive to rose scents). For those looking for a clean, refreshing scent, the original is a great choice and is also available in the travel size.

Ways to Use Fix +

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Fix + or you’re looking for more ways to use it, you’re in the right place! Did you know that it can be used for many reasons other than a finishing spray? That’s right! Let’s take a look at some of its many uses:

  1. Use as a makeup primer. Before applying your makeup, simply spritz this onto fresh, clean skin as a face primer to help your makeup apply better and last longer.
  2. Use as a finishing spray to set your makeup. Use it as a finishing spray to set your overall makeup look. The debate is out as to whether your makeup actually “lasts longer” with this product, as it’s typically recommended that you use a true setting spray for that purpose. However, this ties in closely with the next item in the list….
  3. Fix makeup mistakes or issues.  Did you apply too much powder? Or does your makeup look cakey? Fix + can definitely help. It melts everything together to give it a finished look, and it eliminates the powdery look. Actually, this is what the product was originally developed to do.
  4. Give your eyeshadow more ooomph! Spray your brush with a little Fix + before dipping it into your shimmer eyeshadows for a foiled look. It intensifies the color and makes it pop!
  5. Freshen up dry, dull skin.  If your skin looks/feels dull, dry & hot after a long day, simply give your face a spritz of Fix + to feel cool and fresh again. It will bring your makeup back to life while giving your face the skin-loving nutrients/ingredients that it needs to feel hydrated.
  6. Use on a Beauty Blender to blend your foundation with ease. Spray or soak your Beauty Blender in Fix + before blending your foundation or concealer. It will give your face a dewy look, while at the same time helping to set your foundation with ingredients that are good for your skin!
  7. Intensify your highlighter! Spray your highlighter brush before applying highlighter to your cheek bones. It will intensify the highlighting effect, turning heads and making you shine from afar!
  8. Create long-lasting liquid eyeshadow or eyeliner using loose pigments.  Mix with loose pigments to create a liquid eyeshadow or eyeliner that stays put all day! I do this all the time. You can create endless looks when mixing various pigments with Fix +.  Get a small container, such as a contact lens holder, and start mixing up your new creations!
  9. Make baked cosmetic products more vibrant.  Fix + is great with baked products such as baked eyeshadows (any baked product you want to stand out or make brighter). Spritz your brush before dipping your brush into the product.
  10. Dilute thick foundation or concealer.  If you have a foundation or concealer that is too thick to work with or that dries out faster than you can blend it, Fix + can thin it out without ruining the formula.  Put your foundation or concealer on a mixing palette or on the back of your hand, spritz a little Fix + on it, and mix together before applying.
  11. Restore dried out gel eyeliner. It happens to the best of us…. we’re in a rush to get out the door when we open our favorite gel eyeliner and notice it’s dried out. Spray a little Fix + on it to bring it back to life. It will help until you can get to the store for a replacement.
  12. Spray on your hair to give it a fresh smell. Keep in a bottle of this in your purse for those moments you walk into a stinky situation and need to get the smell out of your hair. It works!
  13. Body Spray / Moisturizer – That’s right! Spritz it on your body for extra moisture or to cool off a bit on a dry, warm day!

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