Review: ColourPop Pressed Eyeshadows Take II

ColourPop Eyeshadow Palettes

ColourPop released their first set of pressed eyeshadows just over 1.5 years ago. If you’ve followed my blog a while, you may recall that I wrote a review on the original release in February 2017, which wasn’t exactly the most favorable of reviews. I took a deep dive into the world of eyeshadow prices and value, as I felt the new ColourPop eyeshadow could not be considered a “drugstore” priced product since they were basically the same price per gram as more expensive brands such as Viseart (yes Viseart!). At the time of the initial launch, there were also some inconsistencies in quality among the limited shades that they first released.  If you missed that review, you can check it out here. (Just be sure to keep the review in context with the time it was written.)

ColourPop Eyeshadow Palettes
My ColourPop mini palettes – depotted into a magentic palette by Adept Cosmetics

Since the original release of pressed eyeshadows, ColourPop has released pressed eyeshadow palettes and, in my opinion, improved greatly upon the quality of their formula. While I haven’t purchased and tested many additional full-sized shades since the initial launch, I have purchased numerous palettes. The palettes have made ColourPop eyeshadows much more affordable and more competitive with other drugstore eyeshadows. This is why I believe an updated review is justified and well-deserved. ColourPop has collaborated with several different influencers over the past year to release some stunning eyeshadow palettes, all of which have been pretty amazing quality. In addition, they’ve kept up with many trends by releasing palettes with various in-season themes. I’ve tried almost all of them at this point and have even returned to buy one of the palettes twice.

While I can’t possibly review every single palette that they have made over the past year, I feel like the quality of all of their mini eyeshadow palettes are pretty consistent and similar, if not the same, and my thoughts apply to all of the ones that I’ve purhased thus far. I have purchased the following palettes: Dream St., Perception, All I See is Magic, Golden State of Mind, I Think I Love You, Double Entendre, and Cute AF. I also received the Semi-Prescious palette in a Boxycharm box. That palette was one of the few palettes that contained full sized pressed shadows ( x 8) as opposed to mini sizes.

The ColourPop eyeshadow palettes range in price and size. The general price range for a palette of pressed shadows is between $12-24, although the average price is $16. Some of the palettes contain mini-sized pressed shadows while others contain full-sized shadows. The palettes with full-sized shadows generally contain less shades, while the minis usually contain a larger number and variety of shades.

My 2 favorite palettes that I recommend are:

  1. Perception – $23 (regular price). This is a collab with Shayla, aka Makeup by Shayla. The palette contains 16 shadows, a mix of stunning
    Perception Palette
    Perception Palette (photo courtesy of ColourPop Cosmetics)

    mattes and shimmers, all of which are perfect for any skin tone. This is the palette that I purchased 2 of, to ensure that I have a backup. It contains a mix of Neutrals, Golds, Greens, Blues/Teals, Reds, Browns, Purples, Pinks, and Oranges/Corals. The shadows in this palette are minis, with each pan weighing 1 gram or 0.035 ounces. For a breakdown of price per gram / ounce and a comparison against other brands, see the table below. This palette occasionally goes on sale, and I highly recommend snatching it up next time it does. Collab palettes like this one don’t stay around forever, as they are always considered Limited Edition. There’s honestly not a bad shade in this palette. With drugstore prices on the rise, you really can’t beat the quality and value of this one, especially compared to other drugstore options. The mattes blend like a dream, the shades are vibrant, and they are very easy to work with. The shimmers are absolutely stunning, buttery, vibrant, and pop instantly upon application without the need to wet your brush. If you’re hesitant on this one due to the bigger price (compared to the other ColourPop palettes), keep in mind that this one has more shadows, more weight than the others, and it’s the only ColourPop pressed palette with a mirror.

  2. Dream St. – $16 (regular price). This is a collab with Kathleen Lights. The palette contains 12 shadows, another mix of beautiful mattes, ColourPop Eyeshadow Palettesmetallics, and satin shades. Many of the shades in this palette would be considered neutrals, although there are several pops of color in the palette to give you the option of some extra ooomph. The palette is advertised to be a combination of Neutrals, Oranges/Corals, Golds, Pinks, Blues/Teals, Reds, and Browns. As with the Perception palette, these shadows are minis but have a slightly different and lesser weight, weighing in at 0.85 grams or 0.03 ounces each pan. I would recommend this palette primarily for people with light, medium, and tan skin tones. I can’t attest to how they would work on darker skin tones since the shades are more neutral. I can, however, attest to the quality as they are the same great quality as the Perception palette.

My Final Thoughts and Recommendation 

At this point, I have around 7 palettes with mini ColourPop eyeshadows, and there’s not a single bad one in the bunch. They have definitely made the shadows more affordable by making them available in the palettes. If you read my article on “Understanding the Price of Makeup,” you know that the best way to compute the price and true value of makeup isn’t by figuring out the price per shadow in a palette but rather computing the price per gram. Just because you receive a lot of eyeshadows for a seemingly great price doesn’t always mean it’s a great value. However, in this particular case, ColourPop has decreased their price per gram overall in the

ColourPop Pressed Compact
New pressed shadow compact (photo courtesy of ColourPop Cosmetics)

palettes (not the individual shadows). Instead of them being the same price as a Viseart or Makeup Geek eyeshadow, the price per gram is right around $1.44 – $1.56, depending on which palette you purchase. See table below for price breakdown and comparison.  For this reason, and the other factors such as quality improvement and availability of palettes that will create multiple looks without needing other palettes, I can now recommend the ColourPop eyeshadow collection without hesitation. When a company focuses on improvements such as these, they are worthy of an updated review and recommendation.

It’s also worthy of noting that the eyeshadows perform beautifully throughout the day. They are very long-lasting and don’t fade away like some other drugstore eyeshadows do. The shadows last all day and into the evening until I remove all of my eye makeup with an eye makeup remover. I’ve never had an issue, even in the hot, summer heat, which is a true test for any makeup product.


Do I recommend the ColourPop pressed eyeshadow palettes? Absoultely! The new palettes are something I can now recommend without hesitatation.

I honestly can’t attest to the quality of the singles today since I haven’t purchased them in recent months. However, I noticed some key changes recently including the price and packaging options, which is a positive step. The single pans have decreased in price to $4 per pan. They are also newly available in a mirrored compact for $5 each. I’m not a fan of the compact, as I find individual compacts to be incredibly inconvenient and difficult to use since most people use multiple shades for a complete look. That’s a lot of compacts to open, and you can’t see the shade unless you open the compact. However, it’s an option for those who want to throw one in a purse and take it on the go. I would personally rather purchase the individual pans and customize my own palette using an empty magnetic palette (they are available in all sizes, small and large).

Have you tried the ColourPop pressed eyeshadow palettes? Let me know your thoughts! Comment below or head on over to my Instagram page and let’s chat! I love to hear your thoughts. 

Eyeshadow Price Comparison 

Eyeshadow Prices

Product Name# of ShadowsRetail PricePrice per ShadowTotal WeightPrice per Gram/Ounce
ABH Singles1$12$121.7 grams$7.06/gr
MUG Foiled1$10$101.8 grams$5.56/gr
MAC Shadow1$7$71.5 grams $4.67/gr
ABH Modern Renaissance Palette14$42$39.8 g total
0.7 g each
0.28 oz total
0.02 oz each
ABH Norvina Palette14$42$39.94 g total
0.71 g each shade
0.28 oz total
0.02 oz each
$4.23 /gr
$150 /oz
Viseart Theory Palette (any shade option)6$45$7.5012 grams total / 0.42 oz (2 g each / 0.07 oz each)$3.75/gr
Natasha Denona Sunset Palette15$129$8.602.5 grams x 15 shadows $3.44/gr
MUG Shadow (regular)1$6$61.8 grams $3.33/gr
ColourPop Pressed (full size compart)1$5$51.5 grams $3.33/gr
Viseart Palette12$80$6.6624 grams total / 12 shadows = 2 grams per shadow $3.33 /gr
Viseart Grande Pro Vol 130$175$5.832 g each / .07 oz each$2.92/gr
ColourPop Pressed Shadow (single pan)1$4$41.5 grams$2.66/gr
ColourPop Dream St12$16$1.330.85 grams$1.56/gr
ColourPop Perception16$23$1.441.0 grams x 16$1.44/gr


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    February 1, 2019 / 10:44 am

    Sorry meant to write that I have yet to try out their palettes however I ordered 12 of their shadows during the BYOP (build your own palette) sale which gave me a free small palette that holds upto 12 colourpop shadows and the shadows for 2.50 each. If I had purchased the larger palette that would have also been free except the shadows would have been a bit lower in price 44 for 24 shadows instead. But I honestly like palettes more at times because I end up ordering so many similar shades with that kind of free will lol.


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