Review: Natasha Denona Sunset Eyeshadow Palette

If you’ve been eyeing that beautiful $129 eyeshadow palette you’ve recently seen on social media, and you’re wondering if it’s truly worth the hype, you’re certainly not alone. Maybe you’re also wondering who’s behind this brand that has caught so much attention from beauty influencers everywhere. This brand has been the subject of many debates and conversations playing out on…

Why That $129 EyeShadow Palette Isn’t So Expensive – Understanding Makeup Prices

Over the last few years, I’ve witnessed and participated in many social media discussions regarding the retail price for various makeup products.  I’ve read countless complaints about everything from the price of Kylie LipKits to the price of popular eyeshadow palettes.  Go to any website that sells cosmetics, and you’ll see people rating products with a low “1 star” review solely…


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