Contact Info for PR and Brands

It would be my pleasure to collaborate with trusted brands to create beautiful content that readers will love and trust. If you’re interested in a collaborating with me, advertising, or sponsorship, please contact me directly at (this email is for brands only). I provide honest and ethical reviews based on my personal experience with products. As maintaining my integrity and the full trust of my followers is of the utmost importance, I must properly test and experience products myself before posting a review.  Skincare products typically require 4-6 weeks of use before I can determine the performance of a product and write an honest review. Makeup products require less time to experience and test, typically a few days of use. I appreciate your consideration and hope to hear from you soon!

I am not seeking website development/website redesign assistance, and I will not respond to any such inquiries and repeated spam. Please do not email with such offers. Thank you.