My Beautiful Flaws is a beauty and healthcare blog created to celebrate everyone of every age, color, gender, and size. Beauty shouldn’t be defined by a photo on a magazine cover, a popular Instagram model, YouTube star, or your favorite reality television star. In a world where women never feel “good enough” and where we always feel like we have to snip, nip, tuck, fill, pull, and suck in, we need to remember that it’s our flaws that make us real. It’s our flaws that make us beautiful. It’s time for us to celebrate our beauty, flaws included….. our beautiful flaws.

This blog contains a variety of information ranging from cosmetic and skincare reviews all the way to general health-related information and spirituality…beauty on the inside and the outside. All of my reviews are unsponsored at this time. I will never sign a contract agreeing to provide a positive review in return for monetary compensation or free products. As of right now, every single product that is reviewed and mentioned on this site was paid for 100% with my own personal funds. It is important that I earn and maintain your trust and run a blog that is honest, ethical, and unbiased.

If you are a business or brand and are interested in having me provide an honest and ethical review of your product, please reference my Contact page for details.

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Thank you for your love, trust, and support. If you have any questions, feedback and suggestions, please feel free to contact me directly. This blog is here for you!